Not too long nakaraan I made a listahan of what I considered the best animated sequels and now I'm making the listahan of the worst. As many of you know I generally like sequels but there are admit-ably some really bad sequels. There are some that didn't make the cut but came close and I'll give them an honorable mention at the end. These are sequels I suggest you don't even waste your time with because they're so bad that most of them make me cringe. Anyway enjoy and please leave a comment.

10.The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning

It pains me to put anything The Little Mermaid related on a worst listahan but man I hate this movie. I mean it doesn't even fit into the timeline of the original or the TV series. They ruined Triton, Sebastian, and especially Flounder. Triton is just a hot-headed jacka**, Sebastian is made a rebel (something he would NEVER be), and made dapa the complete opposite of his original self. The villain is really lame, her motivation is lame compared to Ursula and Morgana. Why not explain why Ursula was banished and why she became evil? I find all the new characters annoying and unnecessary. The idea of Triton banning music is just stupid. Why not explain why he hates humans and madami importantly Ariel's pag-ibig for humans and their objects? I hate the way they had Athena die all just for a music-box. Seriously? If it was to save one of her daughters than that would be different but this was just stupid. Also why did we even need a death scene for Ariel? We all know she's alive because she was in the original. I absolutely hate this movie! Take my advice, just ignore this and pay attention to the TV series. It's not higher because it has gorgeous animation, Ariel's personality is in tacked, Ariel's sisters are for once pretty and have personalities (but Arista already had one in the TV show, yet another thing this movie RUINED), we get to see Ariel's mother (even though she died in such a stupid way), and the songs are pretty good (except One Mistake).

9.Cars 2

Everyone knew this disgrace was going to make it here. I actually hate the original but this is even worse. I mean first of all the idea of a movie all about talking cars is just stupid. How was this even a good concept to begin with? Why did the original, which was already awful, get a sequel? madami importantly why did it get a sequel over The Incredibles? Anyway Matter is absolutely annoying! I hate this character SO MUCH. I don't get what people pag-ibig so much about him, he's not funny he's just annoying. The original main characters are just made into background characters. The villain is really lame. I mean he makes a fuel to save the environment just so he can use it to stop people from buying his own invention. What sense does that make? The idea of the cars being spies is beyond stupid. If it was about human spies and the vehicles were just their partners than that would be cool but this is just stupid. The only good characters in the original, Sally and Lizzie, are barely even in the movie. Plus they actually killed off one of the main characters from the original out of no where. What was the sense in that? All the new characters are either bland or annoying. It's such a disappointment people were hoping the awesomeness of bravo would make up for it, too bad it was a disappointment too. Anyway it's not higher simply because it's Disney.

8.Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue

I didn't think the original was actually popular enough to get a sequel. I liked it but it seemed a lot of people hated it and it has a lot of problems. However all the charming qualities in the original are replaced in this movie sa pamamagitan ng irritating qualities. For one the protagonist isn't even Crysta, it's her annoying little friend Pip. You know, the guy with the red hair that you barely even saw in the original. Also what irritates me is that Zak doesn't even ipakita up, I would've liked for him and Crysta to get back together. The villain is lame and one-dimensional. The animation is sloppy, I mean sometimes the mga engkanto don't even have wings when they're flying. Pip and his mga kaibigan keep on getting distracted sa pamamagitan ng human things when they're suppose to be rescuing the animal babies. Even when he's aware of it he just keeps letting himself get distracted. Yeah remind me why Crysta isn't the main character? Also it irritates me how she's abble to grow full grown trees in segundos but when the entire forest is burned down it takes her like a hours for some reason. The climax was really lame and they couldn't even get the original voice actors. The songs are just annoying, especially the song where that stupid bat is singing. That's another thing, he sings about how they can't give up and then afterwards for no apparent reason he's all like "we're gonna die". Also at the end when the mga sanggol are back tahanan all one of them just says to it's mom is "What's for dinner". Did the directors and writers just pull that out of their butts? The only reason it's not higher is the fact that the others are just worse.

7.The Secret of Nimh 2: Timmy To The Rescue

The idea of a sequel to The Secret of Nimh is a very good idea, if done right of course. However this movie was just done awful! First of all the animation is Saturday morning cartoon TV ipakita at best while the animation in the original is beautiful. The whole prophecy was never even mentioned in the original and they just pulled it out of their butts. The songs are absolutely awful and very irritating. The villain, Martin, just comes out of no where at the last minute. What on earth were they even thinking. Also that joke about underwear is just stupid, THEY'RE NOT EVEN WEARING PANTS! That letter Timmy got from his mom just came out of no where. Mrs. Brisby gets like less than five minutos of screen time and isn't even mentioned for saving the Rats of Nimh. Timmy is a pretty bland and really whiny character. Also they're all praising him when he hasn't even done anything. That's gonna put a lot of pressure on him that'll scar the kid for life. In conclusion is just awful but there are others that are just madami repulsive.

6.Bartok The Magnificent

This is actually the first sequel to a Don Bluth film actually directed sa pamamagitan ng Don Bluth. First of all Anastasia is a masterpiece and is obviously Don Bluth's best film. However this movie is just painful to watch. The animation is nice but not nearly as good as the gorgeous animation we got in the original. Bartok in actually really annoying in this movie and not entertaining or funny like he was in the original. This movie is suppose to be a prequel to before Bartok met Rasputin. Wouldn't it have made madami sense to tell how they met and how he got involved with Rasputin? All the characters in this movie are annoying, but Prince Ivan is alright. Pretty much the only redeeming thing about this movie is that Ivan's voice actor is the same guy who did the voice for Arnold in uy Arnold. The villain is just lame and annoying and the songs are just awful. This movie is just pointless and the adventures are not entertaining or engaging, they're just annoying and pointless. This movie is just an insult to the original, one of my all time paborito movies. It's not higher because the others are just even madami insulting and really cheesy.

5.The Land Before Time 13: The Wisdom of Friends

Why does a film series even need this many pelikula anyway? Thankfully now they've finally stopped. This movie is beyond cheesy and awful. The characters are all annoying and not like themselves, except Cera. The animation style is cheesy looking. The new characters are SUPER ANNOYING, I can't stand any of them. This movie just stupid so cheesy and makes the characters from the original look like idiots, especially Ducky and Littlefoot. Actually pretty much all the characters in the movie are idiots, the sharpteeth are actually smarter than them. The songs in this movie are just plain awful and annoying. However out of all The Land Before Time sequels I hate this one is the least awful. I don't know what it is but it's just not as awful as the others.

4.The Land Before Time 11: Invasion of The Tinysauruses

This movie is where The Land Before Time franchise started to go bad. Don't get my wrong, I pag-ibig The Land Before Time film series, well mostly. Firstly the original was a complete masterpiece and is one of my paborito pelikula of all time. The second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth pelikula are classics that I grew up with, even though they're no where near as good as the original. The seventh and eighth pelikula were likable but they're when the franchise went downhill, the ninth and tenth pelikula were okay. This movie was just horrendously awful. First of all I've never been much of a tagahanga of The Land Before Time songs, though some are pretty good, but the pelikula here are just awful. They make me feel like my brain cells are slowly and painfully dying. I hate Cera so much here, she's a MEGA brat. Actually Littlefoot was pretty annoying too, one of my all time paborito animated characters. In fact pretty much all of the characters are annoying. Plus being racist against tiny dinosaurs just because it seems like they're the ones to blame for a puno of bulaklak being gone. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! The characters aren't just stupid, they're so idiotically stupid that even Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies is smarter than them. It's also really cheesy, now just because something is cheesy it doesn't mean it's bad but that's not the case with this movie. It completely ruins my childhood and never should have existed. In fact they should have stopped after the sixth movie. The plot isn't interesting, it's just stupid, the characters are irritating(other than Tria), the voices are off, it makes no sense, it's so idiotic, and they actually gave Cera's dad a pag-ibig interest. Yeah as if they shouldn't get any madami cheesier. Plus Cera is upset about it because she's taking away her attention from her dad, yeah instead of I don't know maybe concerned that she'd be taking the place of HER MOTHER! Plus Topsy? Really? It's not higher because I do really like Tria, great character, even though she's not necessary.

3.The Land Before Time 12: The Great araw of The Flyers

Yep the horror of the franchise is continuing. Seriously, why does this franchise have so many movies? No franchise needs this many movies! In fact there's actually a Land Before Time 13, which is really bad but not as bad as the other two. Anyway this is sa pamamagitan ng far the WORST movie in the franchise. The characters are still irritating, it's incredibly cheesy, the plot is stupid, and it makes no sense. I mean a movie just about Petrie and how he can't fly with a group, his brothers and sisters. Speaking of which his siblings are annoying, they're on the same level as Scamp's sisters and Cinderella's stepsisters. Also there's another... creature that apperently can't remember a thing and susunod to Cera and her father is the most annoying thing in the movie. He's so whiny and paranoid about everything. He doesn't even know what he is, he's so obviously a flyer and it takes until he sleepwalks to figure that out, yeah you heard right. Even when the group finds out he thinks they're crazy. Also if this movie couldn't get cheesy enough, Cera gets a little sister and she doesn't like this. Gee what a surprise, Cera is being a brat when things don't go her way, SHOCKER! When I saw this I kept wanting it to be over, I almost putted my hair out. It's not higher because of the simple fact that it's The Land Before Time, even though it ruins that good name.

2.The sisne Princess Christmas

When I first saw the trailer for this I couldn't believe that it was actually real. It's absolutely horrendous! It's even worse when you're actually watching it. I mean first of all the animation is horrendous and the characters all look hideous! Look what they did to my gorgeous Odette! Plus what they did to Odette's transformation, they ruined one of the most stunning pieces of animated in existence. They completely ruined all of the characters, except for maybe Uberta. Secondly you're not going to get the plot, Rothbart's ghost is trying to come back from the dead, has a cat for a minion, wants to ruin Christmas, and his weakness is pasko bells. Yeah you heard right! This is also kind of insulting to have made this movie, especially after Odette's original voice actress (who voiced her in all three of The sisne Princess movies) died from cancer. Also the songs, while good, don't fit the movie. They're basically pop versions of pasko songs, that REALLY doesn't suit them. Plus apparently Rodgers is the one who created the light bulb and they came up with the invention of light sabers. Also guess how Rothbart is defeated, Odette sings and he explodes. Also Derek temporally dies and all Odette has to do is sing and he comes back to life. YEAH YOU HEARD RIGHT! They ruined a wonderful trilogy and one of my all time paborito movies. If you've seen this than I say go back and watch the other three pelikula and you'll feel much better, it'll just feel like a bad dream. It's not higher because there's two nice scenes, where Rodgers and Uberta are threatening each other with cute mga hayop and when Odette, Rodgers, and Uberta bring joy to a poor family. Plus the fact that number 1 is the WORST movie in existence PERIOD!


Yeah apparently the original was popular enough to have produced a sequel. HOW? I mean everyone absolutely hates the original. Why would they make a sequel to it. It's actually even worse, the worst movie that ever was. For once the animation is even worse. First of all they actually have a rapping Shark, and it's even worse than the rapping dog. They're trying to find the Titanic, yeah because that technology really did exist a taon after the Titanic sunk. Also apparently the villains are the sharks from the original who send notes to the villain of the original and his butler. It keeps on getting worse, trust me. They have Atlantis with mermaids, merman, and talking toys. Basically a bunch of rejects from Toy Story, The Nutcracker Prince, Disney's The Little Mermaid, and even that terrible anime version of The Little Mermaid. The new characters, especially that toy fish, are annoying. Something that really bugs me is that the voices aren't the same, the Spanish mouse sounds like an American woman. I guess they all realized what a waste of their time and talent the original was. They're ibingiay an drink and they decide to drink it because it's a pretty color, which it's not, it's puke green. The song the isda sings is just AWFUL. Apparently since they drank the magic whatever they can't leave Atlantis and they're okay with it. I mean I'd be furious if they gave me something without telling me and told me I couldn't leave so I couldn't see my family or mga kaibigan again. Also there's another set of villains working with the sharks and original villains and it's a team of daga rebels. YOU HEARD RIGHT! Plus there's this character who looks like a little girl but it's not, apparently he was cursed to wear a wig and he can't take it off but when he goes into battle he takes it off. YOU HEARD RIGHT! Also here's the worst part they actually put the Titanic back together and it can sail again. YOU HEARD RIGHT! I can't believe they're not madami upset that they can't go back home, I mean Elizabeth has her father and one mice has his wife who's the others sister. Which I don't get since in the original that mouse tells the original story. So if he can't leave than WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS? This movie can't even do justice to the original, which was already horrible and didn't need a sequel. I think the original was meant to have kids commit suicide and when enough kids didn't do it they decided to make a sequel to it. This is sa pamamagitan ng FAR the WORST movie of ALL TIME! I'm scared for life from having to watch this!

Honorable mentions: An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster, An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island, The soro and The Hound 2, Tarzan 2, Pocahontas 2, and Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.