After I made my listahan of the tuktok 10 most dumba** animated damsels in distress I thought I might as well do one for the most heroic and bada** too. Just like with the damsels in distress I'm going to be including both male and female characters. I'll also be including TV ipakita characters because there are some characters that just have to be included. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion so please comment and enjoy.

10.Kayley (Quest For Camelot)

I know a lot of people think of her as a damsel in distress but I completely disagree. Also I wanna say A CHICKEN DIDN'T SAVE HER! If anyone remembered the scene well enough they'd see that she knocked the guard over causing him to fall out of the carriage so she saved herself. The chicken did break her loose but uy it's a chicken with an ax for a beak so it's not like some regular animal saved her like with Esmeralda and her goat. I pag-ibig how she doesn't start off being a total bada** but actually grows. She learns that you need wit and patience to be a great warrior and not just strength and weapons. She actually saves the group from Ruber, her first step in becoming who she is. She also saves King Arthur and all of Camelot for crying out load. She actually defeats the villain with her wit and everything she's learned from her journey. I use to think of her, and still do, think of her as the Non-Disney version of Mulan. I mean part of what makes both of them great characters is that they didn't start off being who they are at the end and grow to become strong women. She's not higher because of how she does need saving sometimes and gets captured twice.

9.Tarzan (Tarzan)

He's probably one of the most famous bayani in existence and is mostly well known for constantly having to save the intelligent and lovely Jane Porter. Another character who kind of starts off as a damsel, though in his defense he was just a little kid, and becomes a total bada**. I pag-ibig how he actually has years of training himself so he could become the man he dreamed he would be, or ape. He saves his entire family from Sabor for starters and what an epic fight that was. He saves Jane from the baboons which was both epic and hilarious. He saves Jane, her father, and Clayton from Kerchak. Even when he gets captured he's still pretty bada**. Plus how he saves his family and defeats the villain without killing him, well intentionally. He's not higher because I find the others actions madami impressive.

8.Fiona (Shrek)

Talk about a satire to the traditional fairy-tale princess. I mean this girl maybe drop dead gorgeous and has been waiting for years for someone to save her but she certainly doesn't need someone to rescue her. I mean in in the first movie that should tell you enough. She saved Shrek and totally kicked Robin hood and his Merry Men's butts. That scene alone should tell you how much of a bada** she is. In the segundo movie she saves Shrek during their Honeymoon. Also, even though it's minor, she was totally bada** when she knocked Charming out. In the third movie, even though her role is minor, she actually tries to make herself useful. She actually takes the traditional fairy-tale princesses and makes them into bada**'s. In the fourth movie she's totally kicka**. She actually decides to rescue herself and leads a team of rebels to overthrow the villain. Plus let's not forget that she, along with Shrek, defeats a dragon. There's no denying that this princess is someone you don't wanna mess with. However she's not higher because we don't see as much heroics from her as the others. Plus the fact that she was waiting in a tower to be rescued.

7.Aladdin (Aladdin)

He's probably one of Disney's most iconic heroes. I mean the guy has lived on the streets his whole live and has learned to fend for himself. He's a guy who gets stuff done and can always save himself when he gets into a problem on the streets, a real bada**. Something that I think is pretty heroic is that he actually gives up pagkain that he steals to people who need it madami than he does, like those two little kids. He's able to save Abu and Carpet from the rolling kastilyo thing. Plus he takes down Jafar with not just his strength but his intelligence too. Plus in the sequels and the TV series he's always saving people and defeating the monster and villain. He's not higher because he does seem to need saving from Genie quite a bit through the film series and the TV series.

6.Hercules (Hercules)

This is probably the most famous hero in history, everyone knows who this guy is. He was even a bada** when he was a baby. I mean he lifted his father, crushed Hades fingers, and defeated Pain and Panic. His super human strength is part of what makes him so awesome. He has years of training to perfect it for one. He saves Meg and defeats that thing, though not very well. He even saves himself when he gets eaten alive. How many people do you know who can do that? He eventually defeats that monster and several others. Even when he loses his strength he still tries to fight the Titans knowing he'd be killed. Saves Mount Olympus and not to mention was willing to give his life to save Meg. Plus he defeats the villain with just one punch. However he's not higher because the others use their heads and not just their strength.

5.Jenny/XJ9 (My Life As A Teenage Robot)

Yep, an old classic Nickelodeon character is on this list. This girl constantly saves the Earth from aliens and evil robots. 5:00 A.M. she gets a call to go blading at the isketing park down my the mall but her mom says she has to prevent some aliens from annihilating them all. With the strength of a million and seventy men I guess she really can't complain, still she wishes she could go for a walk without rusting in the rain. It's enough to fry her BRAIN, so welcome to her life as a teenage robot. Sorry I just couldn't resist. I mean this chick makes The trasnpormer look like Lois Lane. She even defeats to evil Robot reyna and saves the Earth. When she's on the enemy planet she comes up with a secret identity so that she can save people who need her. This chick is a bada**! She's not higher because she's kind of selfish and a lot of the problems happen because of her selfishness or when she becomes arrogant.

4.Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)

Yo Danny Phanten he was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine, it was designed to view a world unseen. When it didn't quite work his fokes they just quite but Danny took a look inside of it. There was a great big flash of things to change, his molecules got all rearranged. When he first woke up he realized he had snow white hair and glowing green eyes. He could walk through walls, disappear, and fly. He was much madami unique than the other guys. It was then that he knew what he had to do, he had to stop other ghost who were coming through. He's here to fight for me and you! He's gonna catch him all because he's Danny Phantom. He constantly saves the araw with his awesome ghost powers. He has to train himself because he has no idea how they work. Plus the decision to actually have such a big responsibility to save the world is really heroic. Considering a lot of the ghost he fights it's pretty impressive that a fourteen taon old boy can take them down. He's not higher because the others are just madami impressive.

3.Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

I just had to put him here, I mean I just pag-ibig the ipakita and he's really bada**. Out of all the animated little kids I think he's the most heroically bada**, even madami than Jane and Melody. Since he was born he was destined to save the world. I mean in every episode he's always having to save someone and was awesome while doing it. Plus I pag-ibig how he defeats Ozai, even though I think he should have killed him, though it's still impressive. He saves the entire world and puts it back into balance. I actually considered putting Korra from The Legend of Korra, a spin-off of the show, however I just felt she didn't do anythign that impressive. She's had one season and so far hasn't impressed me that much, while Aang impressed me in every episode. He's not higher because the others do amazing heroics without any super powers plus I think they could take him.

2.Mulan (Mulan)

You know you can't have a heroically bada** listahan without including this chick. I mean she's probably considered the most bada** Disney character EVER! I pag-ibig how she doesn't just start off hardcore but actually starts off really weak and later proves herself. I mean she manages to get the palaso when no one else can. She struggles but works her way up to being the total bada** she is. She even takes out the entire Hun army, well most of them. She saves herself and Shang with just her wit and an arrow. She's so quick thinking and it really works with her. Plus the fact that even when everyone is against her she decides to go and help them when she knows they need help. She's the first Disney Princess to actually defeat the villain, that's impressive. She saves all of China and she actually is so awesome that the Emperor, the army, and all of China bow down to her. However she's not higher because she kind of loses her bada**ness in the sequel and number one is just SLIGHTLY madami heroic and bada** than her.

1.Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

She's your basic average girl and she's here to save the world, you can't stop her cause she's Kim Possible. There is absolutely no tanong about it that Kim Possible is the most heroically bada** animated character in existence. I mean she first started out as a girl who was trying to brag about her babysitting service and she ended up being a crime fighter. Who knew being a cheerleader who make you such a bada**? She constantly saves the world and defeats the villain. Though it's sad that she has such a damsel in distress sidekick but I guess since they're best mga kaibigan it makes sense. She hardly ever needs saving, in fact it's rare that she needs saving and doesn't manage to save herself. Even when she starts dating Ron she doesn't lose her bada**ness. Don't ever mess with this chick because she'll take you down!