This is my segundo article! I hope you enjoy it :)

The ambitious workaholic

Tiana's looks are ok! I mean for the majority of the movie I was not really fond of her physical appearance. She has nice eyes, but I don't really like her hair. pangkalahatang I liked her with Charlotte's blue dress and with the green dress with lillies, but apart from that I found her looks to be quite unmemorizible.

The perfect damsel

Ok, so Snow White is cute. But that's about it. I would have loved to be able to put her higher on my list, but the fact is that she is not gorgeous or beautiful, at her best she is pretty in some parts of the movie. I guess it is a bit unfair to compare her to the other heroines, since she still seems to be in her early teen years, therefore she will under-go madami physical development. Moreover, I should also give her credits for being the first Disney princess, drawn over 70 years ago! I do like Snow White, she's adorable and cute, but unfortunately not beautiful.

The free-spirited rebel

Pocahontas is pretty, but not that beautiful. Her face is sometimes too angular and I don't really like her hair for some reason. And I think she would have been placed after Snow White on my listahan if it wasn't for Pocahontas's eyes. Now they are special. No other heroine has such eyes, so soaring and wise. Her figure is also nice, athletic and graceful.

The mysterious wanderer

Here is the first of the few non-Disney heroines I have on my list: Lady Amalthea from the movie "The Last Unicorn". Even though I don't really like Japanese animation (and for the record I need to mention that this movie is not an anime) I really like Amalthea's looks. Ok, so she might not have the best hair (for some reason I do not like white hair, that's why I don't really like Kida from "Atlantis") but her purple eyes are gorgeous. Moreover, before she's transformed into a woman she is an unicorn!!! So mystical and tender, she definitely is very pretty and deserves to be on my list.

The funny mermaid

Shocking, but it's true! Ariel is indeed so low on my list. Don't get me wrong, I do like Ariel's looks, even though her personality is not the best one. However I do make a difference between Ariel the mermaid and Ariel the human. I absolutely adore her as a mermaid, she's mysterious, elegant, graceful and the way her hair floats is gorgeous! However Ariel on land loses the magic! She's clumsy and unconfident, she does not has the gracefulness she has in the water and pangkalahatang I believe her attractiveness suffered from her decision to swap the fins for legs. If only she could have remained a mermaid, she'll be way higher on my list, but then there wouldn't be a movie, would it? :)

The neglected sister

segundo shock! I actually think there is a mermaid, who is prettier than Ariel! Aquata in my opinion in beautiful. Maybe because of the combination blue tail/seashells + brunette. It's a pity she and the rest of Ariel's sisters are hardly in the movie (I base my opinion on the first pelikula only, I do believe the sequences of any Disney classic are horrible). But from what I've seen of Aquata she looks mature and I do believe her color combination is better than Ariel's.

The optimistic believer

charlotte is soooooooo cool! She's funny and energetic. I do like her way madami than I like Tiana! Even though the combination blonde + blue eyes has been used quite often,Charlotte does have facial characteristics, which differentiate her from the rest. Her face is rounder which makes her look cute. I also do like her hair, but only when she doesn't wear a hat.

The sassy maid

Even though we don't really see much of Babette in the movie (especially when she turns back into a human) it is obvious that she has a lot of sex appeal. The way she walks past Lumiere and flirts with him is quite provocative. pangkalahatang she does have a pleasant face and a pterry nice body, even though I am not that fond of her hair.

The fiery minx

susunod on my listahan is the princess of Far Far Away Fiona. She is such a charming character. I think her face is quite pretty, and her body is super fit (only in human form though, I don't think her ogre looks are that great). I pag-ibig her hair style, so simple, yet so effective. I also like her green dress.

The silly flirts

susunod on my listahan is not just one, but three heroies: the triplets from "Beauty and the Beast". They surely are not the most-complicated or smart characters ever, but they do look good. I do like their body shapes, and I pag-ibig their hairs (the fact that the hair styles resemble Jasmine's, Ariel's and Belle's makes them even cooler). I also think their dresses are nice, simple yet elegant and sexy.

10. ERIS
The witty goddess

OK, so now we are down to tuktok 10 and... I bet you didn't expect that one: it's Eris from the movie "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas". The goddess of chaos made it into my countdown due to her amazing figure, her awesome outfit and her gracefulness. Sometimes her face may be a bit inconsistently drawn and a bit too sharp, but this does matter that much after you see her hair!!! Her freely floating hair is definitely the thing that put her so high in here! I also like her voice.

The dead bride

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride is susunod on my list. Despite the fact that Emily is a corpse, I think she's very very beautiful. She is graceful and elegant. Her voice is great. She might be a bit too unrealistically slim, but since a lot of other animated heroines are this is probably not that important. I think her eyes are gorgeous, so big and expressive! (however her eyelashes are a bit strange sometimes) And her hair is actually blue, which is awesome!

The charming explorer

So now we are back on Disney. And it's Jane's time to shine. I pag-ibig Jane. She's funny and optimistic. And very beautiful. I pag-ibig the fact that she's a brunette with green eyes, this combination is so cool, and in the same time different from all the other heroines. And even though her hair is pretty, but not that special, her eyes are amazing. I also like her facial characteristics, sweet and attractive. However, the drawback in Jane is her figure. I mean when she's wearing her yellow dress where exactly is her waist? It's almost as slim as her arm! Now that's a bit too much... But anyway, Jane is awesome!

The shy heiress

Aurora is gorgeous. Even though her lack of personality places her as my least favourite princess and pangkalahatang as one of my not so favourite heroines, I have to admit she is really beautiful. With the ginto of sunshine in her hair and the lips, that shame the red rose Aurora simply enchants with her beauty. Even though she is a bit too thin, she has a really nice figure. Her hair is pretty and her eyes are nice (I am still unsure what color they are, since in some parts of the movie they appear dark, in others blue, and some Fanpop fans claim that they are purple).

The smart beauty

I think Belle is gorgeous. I like her almost realistic looks. She is thin, but not as unrealistically thin as a lot of other heroines. I think her hair is pretty, because it is simple and tidy. I really like Belle's eyes, they are so expressive. Also I think they tend to change their color sometimes, in some parts of the movie they appear brown, and in others a mixture between brown and green. I do like most of Belle's outfits, especially the golden dress. And for some weird reason I like the her flat shoes she wears for the majority of the movie. Her face is pleasant and sweet.

The stubborn royalty

hasmin is absolutely beautiful, almost perfect. I pag-ibig almost everything about her: her amazing and graceful hair, her big and sparkly eyes, her awesome smile. Her face is extremely pretty and the slightly thinker eyebrows make it very expressive and nice. Overall, I do like her outfits, her blue one is pretty, her purple dress is gorgeous and her red outfit is so sexy. Maybe the only think I am not that fond about is that hasmin seems to be a bit too short. And I guess I don't really like her speaking voice, while in the same time I pag-ibig her pag-awit voice.

The feisty adventurer

The Russian princess is susunod on my list. I find Anastasia to be extremely beautiful. She has slim and elegant figure, which is not that unrealistic. She has nice hair, the auburn color bumagay her really well. I also like her eyes, pangkalahatang blue, but sometimes appear to be a mixture of blue and gray. I think the majority of her outfits are awesome, especially her two ballgowns, her dark blue opera dress and her two Paris dresses (the purple and the Esmeralda one). I think her face is very charming and her smile is really beautiful.

The cunning fraud

Even though Vanessa did not have a lot of screen time, I believe she made quite an appearance. And I personally believe that even without a spell she could still win Eric's heart! Her hair is really nice! Her PURPLE eyes are amazing, so big and fiery. Her smile is pretty, despite the fact that she's a villian. Sometimes her figure was a bit too thin, but pangkalahatang it was so hot! I also pag-ibig her dress when Eris first sees her, as well as her dress when she's pag-awit in front of the mirror.

2. MEG
The sarcastic dodger

Meg is awesome! I know that there are some people who don't really like her, but I think she's cool! Her figure may be too slim and unrealistic, but I think it bumagay her and makes her hot! She has amazing curves, I also pag-ibig her purple dress. I am not really fond to her hair style, but I pag-ibig the color of her hair. And I definitely have a thing for purple eyes, because I absolutely pag-ibig hers, they are the best ever animated heroine eyes in my opinion. I also pag-ibig her voice, it is magnificent, shows both her femininity and her ability to handle things herself!

The street-wise fighter

She is definitely the best animated pelikula heroine in terms of looks. Esmeralda has the whole package: she is hot, she has amazing body, she has curves, she has style! Her body is quite realistic. I pag-ibig her black hair, especially the small curles she has! I also pag-ibig her eyes, green, big and sparkly. I pag-ibig her face, it is perfect, and I really pag-ibig all the facial expressions she makes, from the smiles, to the angly looks! Also I think all of her outfits are really great, especially her red dance dress!