pagkabata animado pelikula pangunahing tauhan babae CAMH Themed Icon Contest _Round 8: Animal Heroine OPEN!

cruella posted on Feb 16, 2018 at 12:48AM
Hey everybody I've been looking for ways to make this club more alive again. So I thought with how popular link on the DP club is why not try it here? The rules are basically the same expect you can use any animated heroine you want.

If you've got any questions feel free to ask.

(I borrowed the rules from tiffany88's)
• The heroines are the most important part of this contest. Heroes, sidekicks, and villains, etc. can also be included in the icon but there must be a heroine.
• You can post 1 icon per round, but you can change it before the round ends
• You can use screencaps, pictures from official books, merchandise pictures but NO fanarts or pictures that somebody else already edited
• You have to make your own icon. Don’t steal icons.
• Don't post icons you've made in the past
• Everyone has 7 days to submit their icons
• Icons must be square, not bigger than 300x300 and not smaller than 100x100 pixels (200x200 is preferable)
• There will be a poll, where you can vote for the best icon
• No cheating, do NOT vote for yourself!
• The winner picks the theme of the round following after the next round (if the winner doesn't pick a theme within 7 days of winning, I'll pick the next theme)

Have FUN!

Round 1: Favorite Heroine ~ Winner: link
Round 2: Heroic ~ Winner: link
Round 3: Night ~ Winner: link
Round 4: Blue ~ Winner: link
Round 5: on the background of a different CAMH movie ~ Winner:
Round 6: Flower(s) ~Winner: link
Round 7: Having Fun ~ link
Round 8: Animal Heroine ~ Deadline September 8

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