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pagkabata animado pelikula pangunahing tauhan babae Which book opening from the Shrek pelikula do you like the most? (There's a link to all three openings in the comments)

9 fans picked:
Shrek 2
Shrek Forever After
 KataraLover posted 8 months ago
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KataraLover picked Shrek 2:
posted 8 months ago.
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KataraLover picked Shrek 2:
I really love hearing Rupert Everett's voice and it really suits the voice of a narrator. I also love how both this and the original don't give too much detail in the writing of the books but show with visuals. The opening from Shrek Forever After has a sort of been there, done that feel to it. Plus, the voice narrating it isn't really very appealing for telling a story, so it's not as enjoyable.
posted 8 months ago.
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BB2010 picked Shrek:
and Shrek 2
posted 8 months ago.
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