Childhood Animated Movie Villains Who's your paborito Disney Villain?

Pick one:
Evil reyna (snow white & the 7 dwarfs)
Lady Tremaine (cinderella)
Maleficent (sleeping beauty)
Captain Hook (peter pan)
reyna of Hearts (alice in wonderland)
Shere Khan (jungle book)
Cruella (101 dalmatians)
Horned King (black cauldron)
Ursula (little mermaid)
Gaston (beauty & the beast)
Jafar (aladdin)
Scar (lion king)
Ratcliffe (pocahontas)
Frollo (hunchback of notre dame)
Hades (hercules)
Shan-yu (mulan)
Dr. Faciliar (princess & the frog)
Mother Gothel (tangled)
McLeach (rescuers down under)
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Jafar and Frollo
Jafar and Frollo
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