I am an outright, outspoken, Christian. I believe the Bible to be completely true, I believe Hesus to be the Christ, I do not condone or tolerate
~Unmarried sex
~Foul language
~Darwinian Evolution
And much more. I am very proud of my Faith, and have NO regrets about its stances. You will not hear me say “I agree with everything Christian… except this” and when it comes to a romantic relationship, I see it as not just a joining of people as one, but a union of responsibility sa pamamagitan ng both to keep the other strong in their Faith.

… But sometimes I just want to SLAP some of us idiots. I mean, look, all Christians don’t act like this, and while I don’t have a statistic for it, I’d like to hope and believe the majority doesn’t act like these people, but I’ve found myself looking at Christians from the humble beginnings of my church to the popularity of DVD’s and house-hold names saying, and promoting, the DUMBEST, most OFFENSIVE, and DESTRUCTIVE, things to our Faith I’ve heard of. I say that because while I’m very sure there are people who claim to be Christians and still do, and condone, truly despicable things, do things that are worse, I have to ask myself “Is that really a Christian, or someone who is just saying they are?”

Let me tell you this people, Miley Cyrus, she ain’t a Christian. That troll on Youtube, they aren't Christians. They’re just people trying to use that as a crutch to get attention or hold up the “NO JUDGING” card, and either obliviously, or intentionally, ruining what people think about Christianity.

But they aren’t even the biggest problem here. At least with that people get a bit suspicious. At least then it isn’t taken seriously enough to be believed (usually). No, the problem here is actual Christians who just do the WRONG thing so much, and don’t even realize how insensitive they are being.

Kirk Cameron is a Christian Movie Star. He’s been in the original LEFT BEHIND pelikula (good ones sa pamamagitan ng the way), Fireproof (also good), Kirk Cameron Saves pasko (uh... m-moving on) and he’s even part of a series with sinag Comfort called “Way of the Master” which is basically a Bible-study lesson series dedicated to helping Christians spread the Gospel.

Now for the most part I quite enjoy these two, especially with the Way of the Master… or at the very least I USED to. Unfortunately in my senior taon of High School I became incredibly disturbed and irritated sa pamamagitan ng something done sa pamamagitan ng their own hands.

What happens in the Way of the Master series is that these two go over moral topics like being afraid to talk to people, having the right words to say, verses to remember, processes to go through, all of that kind of stuff. They go out on the town and talk to people, finding out their stories and telling them about the Gospel. It’s fine enough.

However two things happened that just made me furious. The first was that during one of their videos, Kirk pretended to be an Atheist, and sinag was pretending to share the Gospel with him. Immediately Kirk pretended he was holding a cigarette, and acted like a pig. When sinag asked if Kirk’s character ever thought lustfully about a woman before, he replied with something along the lines of “Sure, I was just thinking that about that woman right there” pointing off in the distance.

Now I can understand the reason they went with these, which is basically the fact that kristyanismo has many madami rules than Atheism does, and at the core, it’s humanism against Christianity, AKA; being okay with everything/nothing being wrong, against Christian standards.

… The problem is that they were basically teaching us that ALL Atheists are like this, and ALL Atheists smoke or are okay with smoking, and that ALL Atheists are okay with saying “I was thinking about having sex with that walang tiyak na layunin woman over there”.

… NO! YOU DON’T DO THAT! The fact is that even if EVERY Atheist you’ve ever met specifically had no problem with any of these things, guess what, you can’t make that assumption, and you cannot promote it.

Now some might be saying “Well they were just talking about one character, one individual. They weren’t speaking for every Atheist, or the typical Atheist”. Kirk himself sinabi something along the lines of “Okay Okay, but that’s really what they say” or “That’s how these people act”. So yes, they are.

You CANNOT make ANY generalization for any kind of Atheist. You know why? Because you don’t know the details! kristyanismo is supposed to be specific where you know the beliefs and everything, but even then there’s supposed Christians who support Homosexuality, or believe you can lose your salvation in the modern age. Doesn’t that give you a HINT on how much madami complex it would be concerning the “typical” Atheist? Do you KNOW their views? Do you know if they are against or for Homosexuality/absorption/drugs/cussing/anything, and do you know whether or not it’s influenced sa pamamagitan ng one religion or another? Do you even know if they claim to believe in a God but not be dedicated Christians?

NO! So don’t try to stereotype them! I can PERFECTLY understand if this was just one mindset arguing against another. I can perfectly understand sinag going “Now Kirk is going to act in the mindset of an Atheist who believes there’s nothing wrong with ______ and ________.” You have a specific version you are focusing on. You are saying “He is representing people that specifically think like this”. That’s fine. You can go with that. But pagganap as though the typical Atheist smokes and fornicates, or thinks about fornicating, all the time, is just insulting to people.

These two, and others, go around in public places where they talk to tons of unsaved people (We also passed out pamphlets that started out with calling the reader a sinner… great way to get their attention in the right way, right?). A lot of them have the cigarette earrings, and the piercings, and such. There are just as many normal people that they talked with, but these were not the kind of people described in examples when discussing the typical Christian.

And that leads us to the segundo thing that happened with Way of the Master… The textbooks titled “The Way of the Master Basic Training Course: Study Guide“

I did not enjoy these but to go through all of my problems with them would be tedious and a bit off-tract. I’ll stick to the main issue.

In these textbooks there are skits with little drawings in them. These skits are conversations written up sa pamamagitan ng Mr. Cameron and Comfort that have an Atheist being approached sa pamamagitan ng a Christian. In these, the Christian is simply titled “Christian”, but the Atheist gets titles like “Robin Banks”, “Al Cohol”, and “Larry pag-ibig Lust”. Not only are these incredibly offensive but those little drawings in the books are of THEM, and they are as terrible as you’d expect, with Al having cigarette earrings of course. They look repulsive of course, and serve the purpose of being the typical Atheist.

The Christian however has no drawing, nor name. They are simply “Christian” to signify “We are perfect. We are legion. They are imperfect. INFIDELLLLLLLS!!!! *point point point point*” NEVER are we supposed to make it seem like we are perfect. We need to be RELATABLE to ANY form of Non-Christian, because, guess what, WE’RE NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE! Yeah I sinabi it. WE AREN’T! In fact we can be WORSE! There ARE Christians, ACTUAL CHRISTIANS, who DO TERRIBLE THINGS! Believe it or not, THAT’S HOW ATHEISTS VIEW US!

The verse goes “Repay evil with good” not “Blue Ski-Do They stereotype you, so we can too “. But why should I even have to use that as an example? I shouldn’t. It shouldn’t matter whether or not Atheists stereotype us for two reasons
A)    We shouldn’t do it ourselves regardless
B)    There are probably just as many Atheists who DON’T stereotype Christians

AGH MY HEAD HURTS! Okay look, just take this at the core. Only say and do what is necessary. You use CAUTION. You should always use CAUTION when you have influence. It’s one thing if you do or say something wrong and acknowledge you messed up, but just blatantly going “Atheists smoke and drink and have sex all the time” and completely ignore that CHRISTIANS can do those things too (Even though neither should) is just… STUPID.

Speaking of my class… oh boy. My first Semester was fine. We watched bidyo done sa pamamagitan ng Eric Hovind and from what I remember he didn’t do or say anything risky, and get this, HE WAS THE ONE TEACHING US HOW TO DISPROVE DARWINIAN EVOLUTION. You’d think THAT would be the part to be concerned about.

Well either way, come segundo semester we got Kirk and Ray, and there were quite a few things I took issue with. First of all we had the fact that all my classmates (or most of them) would mock the on-screen Atheists. There was a running gag we had where the Atheist would say “stealer” instead of thief. Now when it comes to the word “stealer” we can argue whether or not it’s proper English, and honestly I don’t have an opinion on that, but regardless that’s once again stereotyping Atheists as something, this time illiterate.

“They weren’t stereotyping them, it was just a joke” oh don’t give me that. I don’t care if they didn’t “intend” on it being associated with ALL Atheists. This was still a joke centered on Atheists and would be remembered when talking with Atheists. Guess what? ATHEISTS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES WHO SAY “STEALER”!

With the videos, the jokes, the skits, I was getting fed up, so I talked it over with my teachers. They told me that it’s okay because it’s just joking and they aren’t going to make fun of Atheists when they talk to them, and that it’s fine to say because it’s how Atheists act in real life. Let’s go over a listahan of things wrong with that.

If I make a joke about a woman being brutally raped repeatedly over a week’s time is that fine? Does it being a joke make it okay? Does anything being a joke make it okay? How on Earth does humor act as a shield, an excuse, for anything to make it okay???

Oh so as long as we talk about them like that behind our backs it’s fine right? If I have a problem with someone, YES I am going to talk to people about it when they aren’t able to hear it… because I think it’s a problem that I want help on fixing. If I ever am gossiping or joking about something behind their back it’s not okay, and if I try to say it is, I’m just being stubborn because I was caught in the act. That doesn’t make it okay. This isn’t helping. It’s enforcing the stereotypes that none of us should have in our heads.

ONCE AGAIN, NO! You don’t know that Atheists act like this. You know that there are Atheists who act like that. You should NEVER make ANY mental image of who or what someone is based on terrible qualities, especially if it’s a group you cannot possibly understand based on every single backstory.

They didn’t stop any of it. They weren’t interested in what I had to say. Oh they thanked me for coming to them to discuss it, but that changed nothing. I should have stood up in that class and sinabi to everyone “I’m sorry but this is wrong. I cannot and will not stay in this class if it means I am being influenced to thinking stereotyping anyone is okay. Evangelism is meant to be us reaching out, sympathizing, and growing with, people who aren’t saved. That isn’t what is happening here. All I’ve learned here is to call people sinners.” I didn’t.

THEN… THEEEEEN we have people I know in real life. You won’t believe the amount of “Christians” I know in my everyday life that go “Oh my God” and say things like “You little turd” and scold me for telling them “This is a Church. Who do you think just heard that?”

… It’s exhausting.

I joined a group on Facebook called “Atheism Fails”. I’m fine with the pamagat because it’s talking about a mindset not a person, and it’s dedicated to reasons to defend that position. However one video caught my attention where it basically was something along the lines of saying “Christian person once again defeats Atheist person in debate”. I watched the whole video and I can say with a straight face, no… no he didn’t. In fact I’d say he did not do the best of jobs while defending. That isn’t to say he was proven wrong. In fact I had my own responses I wanted to give but obviously couldn’t. The problem was such an ignorance that sinabi “This person won” even though it was not a victory. Neither gave in.

Ken Ham had a pagtatalo with Bill Nye. I can say with a straight face that Ken Ham won because his points simply made madami sense. I can say to you “Yes I believe that Ken Ham met the requirements in the debate”. Neither could answer all the tanong presented sa pamamagitan ng the other, but it was handled well.

But apparently even Ken Ham posts billboards that say things like “To all the Atheists of the world, Thank God you’re wrong” because… YEAH that’s not insulting or belittling.


… In the end… we have two major problems these all add up to.

Firstly, this paints a bad rep on Christianity. To all Atheists pagbaba this… I do not support the belittling of anyone, because that’s what the Bible says. I do not support violence, or killing, or drugs, or anything, because of what the Bible says. I am sa pamamagitan ng far not the best example of a Christian, but I’d like to think I’m mature enough to say that when you look for what to think Christians are like, look to the Bible and understand it. That will tell you. Stereotyping, and hypocrisy, are not what we condone. It’s wrong.

Have your laugh, all of you. Have a good long one while you can, because what happens when that Atheist becomes a Christian? Do you go “Congratulations. You’re pure now. I know I was insulting your past self but you’re fine now. Welcome to the cool-kidz-club”? That Atheist becomes a better Christian than you, and uses you as an example of what NOT to act like.

You can never truly change your gender, or your race, or species. That is something that stems from birth. Becoming a Christian, rebuking Christianity, and everything else, is a religious choice and someone can easily change from an Atheist to a Christian. Many haven’t because so many of us “Christians” have decided to say to Atheists “We are better than you. You are jokes. You are all the same.”

This can all be flipped around and spoken from an Atheist’s perspective EASILY and that’s the problem. It’s our job to strive to be better people, not call ourselves better, or someone else worse.

I hope you all understood that.

God Bless,
Eat Pie and Prosper