updated pic of Murphy (at the 2012 Odessa International Film Festival in July 2012, found on Wikipedia :)
Because today is my 1 taon on fanpop anniversary, thought of Pagsulat an artikulo about Mr. Murphy, the man who brought me here, around same time, last taon when I was looking for some quizzes about him. Rememeber, outside it was freezing cold ( just like these days ), I was on a long vacation :) and had a lot of free time on my hands. So I engaged myself in a movie marathon. Those weeks I've seen for the first time, pelikula like :The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Inception, Peacock, Perrier's Bounty, In time and Breakfast on Pluto, or I've rewatched others like Sunshine, Red Eye, On the edge, 28 days later or Watching the detectives. I couldn't decide which one I liked the most (love them all his pelikula for many different reasons), but I can say it was pagkain for thought and a real feast for the eyes :) :) Cillian never seizes to amaze me with the amount of effort and engagement he puts in every single character, whether is a leading role or a supporting one. Furthermore, the characters he plays never goes unnoticed, because he makes them noticeable, even if he has just a few lines in the whole movie (eg.The Girl with a Pearl Earring), or no lines at all (e.g The water). Cillian doesn't even need to talk....... he's just brilliant<3 And, it is always a pleasure to watch his movies, no matter what he plays, because I'm sure he can play about any role there is !