Chapter 2

"Nice apron" Capa sinabi letting out a laugh. He just couldn't help himself. Mace's facial expressions changed from relaxed to pissed off in a matter of seconds, "Fuck you Capa!" he yelled while throwing a biskwit at him. Ashley tossed a look in Mace's direction trying her best to stay out of it, but she just couldn't take Mace's verbal assault against Capa any longer. Cassie knew that Ashley was about to get involved in the typical Capa/Mace battle, she looked at her shaking her head like she was trying to tell her not to stoop to Mace's level. Too late.

"Why must you have to act like such a child when someone cracks a joke at you, preferably Capa?" Ashley sinabi while giving him a glare, she was interested in knowing the real reason behind Mace's hatred towards Capa. Perhaps it was jealousy. Ashley's feelings for Mace were long gone and maybe Mace knew this. Mace's eyes narrowed, his thoughts swarmed him, the truth buzzing through his skull like a swarm of angry bees. She didn't have to tell him, he already knew. She was in pag-ibig with Capa and this hurt him madami than anything. Capa's facial expressions changed, his eyes grew wide and proceeded to bite his lip knowing all too well this would not go over well. Mace shuffled in his seat, beads of sweat formed on his forehead, Ashley didn't even give him a chance to respond as she continued. It was personal now and she was going to call him out on it.

"Or is it that you just can't stand the fucking fact that I am over you and have moved on?" she asked not even bothering to look around the room to see what everyone's facial expressions were, her eyes were locked onto Mace's and the madami she looked at him, the angrier she got. Mace's eyes moved towards Capa's direction, his face getting tighter with anger, his mind filled with thoughts and larawan of her and Capa together, his arms around her, him halik her, it was enough to make him want to vomit. He could feel the color drain from his face but despite this, he never broke his gaze with Capa. His blood was boiling. Capa stared back taking in deep gulps, his Adam's mansanas bobbled in each swallow, he knew that Mace had figured it out and this was going to be hell. With a break in his voice Mace finally spoke, shaking his head in the process, "You just couldn't help yourself could you Capa?" he asked, his eyes gleaming back and forth from Capa and Ashley and then he continued, "Are you fucking her?" he asked raising his voice, he could feel his puso beating like a drum in a war, a lump was in his throat, his palms were becoming sweaty. He was pissed.

Capa and Ashley sat silently for a moment exchanging looks towards one another and then back at Mace, Ashley's hand slowly reached for Capa's hand and he grabbed it tightly, holding it underneath the mesa where Mace could not see. Mace broke the silence, "God damnit Capa answer me!" he screamed pounding his fist on the mesa making the dishes rattle. "No I'm not!" Capa answered screaming back at him, his mind flirting with the thought of them embracing eachother in his bed. He quickly filtered his mind of those thoughts, this was the last thing to be thinking about for the time being while Mace was around. Mace slammed his fist on the mesa again and screamed once more, "Liar!" his voice was now so loud that it was echoing all over the ship. Ashley couldn't take it anymore, she let go of Capa's hand briefly and stood up, "What does it matter if he is or not? You are not my boyfriend anymore so you don't get to decide on who I can be with and not be with!!!" she screamed at him while balling up her fists. Man did she just want to manuntok him or anything in that matter to vent her anger. "Mind your own damn business Mace!" she screamed at him, she could feel her face getting hot from all the anger building up inside.

Mace got a lump in his throat. That hurt. He already knew he Nawawala her and things would never be as they were when they loved eachother. He could feel a tear sting his eye but he refused to let it show, at least while he was in front of everyone, perhaps later he may let his tears flow into a pillow, but not right now. Before any madami words were sinabi Searle stood up grabbing Mace sa pamamagitan ng the arm, "I think we need to have a talk" he sinabi lifting up his sunglasses just enough to ipakita it in his eyes that he meant business. "What are you going to do, shrink me now?" Mace asked in a sarcastic voice, letting out a annoyed huff. Searle let out a sarcastic laugh while he proceeded to clean his sunglasses, "Whatever it takes to calm you down, this is not good for our current mission." he sinabi sliding the sunglasses back over his eyes and folding his arms. Mace huffed, "Not good for our current mission? Tell that to Capa while he's fucking everyone on this fucking ship. If anything he shouldn't be getting involved with crew members, he should be concentrating on detonating the payload when the time comes." he yelled.

Capa gritted his teeth as he squinted his eyes. The anger that was brewing in him was unbelievable, he knew at any ibingiay moment he was going to snap and end up attacking Mace. Instead he stood up straight from his chair, strands of his hair brushing against his face so gently and beads of sweat was beginning to build on his face, he let out a frustrated groan, "I am not fucking her Mace, Hesus Christ!!!" he screamed as he walked towards Mace. He was just now inches from Mace's face giving him a look that screamed "just try and hit me". Harvey stood up quickly from his chair and placed himself in between Capa and Mace, he knew things were about to get ugly between them and the last thing they needed was a crew member with a bloody nose or a broken bone. The mission was far too important to allow something like this to happen, it was unacceptable. "As segundo in line as captain, I order you to stop this fighting" he sinabi in a stern voice, but he didn't stop there, he continued, "Right now!" he yelled, his eyes bouncing back and forth looking at Mace and Capa. Corazon stood up and approached Mace but kept enough distance between them in case he decided to lash out, "Come on Mace, maybe some time in the oxygen garden will cool you down, I need help pulling and cleaning carrots, it will take your mind off of things" she suggested giving him a light smile, hoping that maybe he would take her advice, he needed to be away from Capa and Ashley for a while. Mace nodded at Corazon and gave Capa and Ashley one last glare before retreating to the oxygen garden with Corazon.

A sigh came over the crew members after Mace left and everyone resumed eating their breakfast, there was a dead silence in the room, so silent that you could hear a pen drop. Capa relaxed his face, his lips still pressed together as he walked back over to the mesa where the crew sat. He made his way over to Ashley who's eyes were glistening with tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks, his hands laid on both sides of her face as he pulled her close, giving her a tender halik on the forehead. Kaneda cleared his throat to catch Capa's attention, "Capa we need to talk" he sinabi firmly as he got up from his chair and began walking into the susunod room. Capa knew this was about the Mace situation and his relationship with Ashley, he knew he was most likely going to get scolded sa pamamagitan ng the ships captain, he knew that being distracted sa pamamagitan ng something such as pag-ibig would break his concentration on the real reason he is up here in the first place, the mission. But at this precise moment, he just didn't give a fuck.

He let out a sigh as he left Ashley in the dining room with the other crew members and followed Kaneda down a long corridor that lead to a larger room, it was Kaneda's room, the only place besides the observation deck where he can get some actual peace and quiet. "Please sit." Kaneda ordered as he took a upuan of his own letting out a sigh and folding his hands together. Capa did as he was told and took a upuan in a leather chair that was situated directly in front of Kaneda. He took in a deep breath, preparing for the lecture that he knew was coming, his hands were nervously stroking the leather fabric of the chair, he subconsciously spread his legs seeing as it was something he always did, but little did it occur to him that he was in no shape to be playing seductive man at this moment, not even with Kaneda. Even though Kaneda never swung that way, Capa was a very attractive man and could easily seduce anyone he pleased without even trying.

Capa slowly crossed his legs, no madami playing seductive man....for now. Kaneda let out a few sighs, his fingers entwining within eachother as though he was trying to find the right words to say to Capa about this current situation. He brought his hands together like you would in a prayer and brought them to his lips, he clicked his tongue and his eyes fixated onto Capa. "This fighting with Mace needs to stop Capa." Kaneda sinabi in a stern, serious voice as he shifted his position in his chair, his legs now stretched out in front of him using his heels to rock the chair back and forth. Capa looked up at Kaneda, his eyes narrowed, "You think this is my fault?" he asked standing up quickly, his hands now to his side as he clinched his fists. How could this be his fault? All he had ever done was try to make things better between him and Mace. Kaneda stood up too, positioning himself susunod to Capa who wouldn't make eye contact with him. "I never sinabi it was your fault" he sinabi placing his hand on Capa's shoulder. Capa still didn't make eye contact, he was in his own little pissed off world, nothing Kaneda could say would make him feel better.

Then the silence broke within Capa as he turned towards Kaneda, staring him directly into his eyes, "The reason that me and Mace will never get along is because we are both in pag-ibig with the same person" he sinabi walking away from Kaneda and heading towards the door. He stopped briefly, turning back around, "Maybe you should talk to Mace about that" he sinabi before leaving the captain in his room. Capa made his way back towards the dining room, he noticed that it was empty, the pagkain that was once on the mesa had been cleared off. He could hear voices off in the distance, assuming everyone was now doing their daily tasks involving the mission. He made his way into the Payload, allowing the drama with Mace escape to the back of his mind, he just didn't want to think about it anymore. When he reached to the door of the Payload, he carefully typed in the key code, his communicator dangling against his chest. "Four, six, nine, zero, zero, one" he whispered to himself as he pressed the buttons on the small box located on the door. After he entered zero he heard the door make a whoosh sound and unlock, indicating he had put in the correct code.