Clois What was the BEST episode for Clois in Season Four?

Pick one:
4x01: Crusade
4x02: Gone
4x03: Façade
4x04: Devoted
4x05: Run
4x06: Transference
4x07: Jinx
4x08: Spell
4x09: Bound
4x10: Scare
4x11: Unsafe
4x12: Pariah
4x13: Recruit
4x14: Krypto
4x15: Sacred
4x16: Lucy
4x17: Onyx
4x18: Spirit
4x19: Blank
4x20: Ageless
4x21: Forever
4x22: Commencement
All Of Them
None Of Them
Who Knows?
Unsure/I Don't Know
 ApplePie88 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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