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 Sector V Teens
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This is what I think Sector V would look like as Teenagers. Numbuh 1 is not in it because he's off battleing puwang adults in the Galactic Kids susunod Door
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Kacey and Wally were on the verge of passing out. All the others already did. Ninth grade math is EXTREMELY confusing. Everyone else in the class was also close to passing out. Then the kampanilya rang.
Wally jumped out of his seat. "HALLELUJAH!!!".
Mr. D gave him a look.
"Now, class, remember: Pages 45 and 46 tonight!" The rest of the class filed out of the room.
Minerva nudged Val slightly. She was out COLD.
"Yes, I'll have the bubble gum shake..." she mumbled.
The prep smacked her on the back as hard as she could. She woke up instantly and began howling in pain.
"Oh, suck it up. Come on, we've gotta...
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Really awesome KND theme
kids susunod door
cartoon network
numbuh 4
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Operation E.I.G.H.T.
As Kuki struggled, as Mai had turned the laser on. She screamed but everyone around her was laughing. The laser was getting closer to her every time. She turned her head, and then back again and noticed the laser getting madami closer to her body. It inched a bit closer, and madami closer, until it almost touched her left foot. She thought, this is it, I'm going to turn evil, and I'll never pag-ibig him again. She closed her eyes as she thought, until she heard groans.
"Huh, you come at the wrong...
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kids susunod door
xDD I pag-ibig this one xDD
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 From left to right: AC, Kiki, Megan, Alex, Maddy
From left to right: AC, Kiki, Megan, Alex, Maddy
Operation: N.E.W.
Chapter 1
Sectors Combined
Kiki POV
I groaned as I opened my eyes to see the bright sun shining down on me. Wait a minute, THE SUN SHINING ON ME!??!? WHERE AM I!!?! I quickly sat up and looked around to see my puno house in pieces on the ground everywhere. “Megan, Maddy where are you??” I asked. “I’m right here!!!” came a squealed voice somewhere over to my left. I guessed that it was Maddy. “And I’m over here!!!” Megan yelled.
“Alex, you here??” Maddy asked “Yeah Alex is fine” Alex replied speaking in third person as usual. “AC, you cool??” Alex asked...
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