Crash Bandicoot Crash bandicoot Marathon Update #2!!

Spiritwolf1011 posted on Feb 27, 2011 at 10:11PM
Yea, that's right!! The updates are back people!!! Now I don't really have as much to say as I did in the previous update but anyway...

#1 - I've set up our channel page on ustream for our marathon. You can join the crowd if you like or favorite the page so you can go straight to it when the day comes.
Link - link

if somethings wrong with the link let me know.

#2 - Im making a website for this and any other marathons we may have in the future if this goes well. Sadly, I can't put the link to the website up yet since it's no finished yet, but I'll put it up as soon as its finished.

#3 - We're thinking about changing charities. As in, instead of donating all the money to SVDP, we're gonna find a different charity to donate the money to. We wanna donate it to a charity that helps children with cancer, diabetes, and any other sickness they may have. CHILDREN"S MIRACLE NETWORK IS OUT OF THE QUESTION!! We wanna be able to take the final check to the charity in person and, surprisingly, there isn't one located here in Dallas so that wouldn't work out. If anyone whole lives in Dallas, TX has any charity ideas please let me know so I can consider donating to that charity.

#4 - We still need two crazy "dare' ideas for the $200 and $900 dollar line so please give us ideas!!(NO PRANK IDEAS!!) We need one for the $1000 dollar line as well but we're gonna think of that one on our own.

#5(final) - I am working on another video to replace the old one I have on youtube about this marathon. It will have all the updated info I have put on this website and more info about donating and the benefits of donating so look forward to it!

SEE YA!! - Spiritwolf1011

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