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Disclaimer : Cream the Rabbit, or any other Sonic the Hedgehog character is a trademark of Sega, and any references to Satan or demons in this story is not intended to offend anyone who may be a Christian or Catholic, I am a Christian myself.



(Scene 6, Anthony Comes Home) :

Tom : Son, you're home!
Anthony : It's good to be tahanan dad.
Tom : It's good to have you home.
Mary : They let you out.
Anthony : Not exactly, I was set free sa pamamagitan ng the...
Mary : Who set you free?
Tom : Are you hiding something from us? Anthony. Anthony!
Anthony : *Walks Upstairs*
Mary : I believe he's up to something bad.

{Anthony goes upstairs to his bedroom, to talk to his evil master.}

Anthony : Master... Master... Master!
The Master : You sinabi my name three times, what are your demands?
Anthony : I want the power to catch people on fire.
The Master : ...
Anthony : Do I have the ability?
The Master : Yes, try it, burn down that puno outside.
Anthony : *Walk Downstairs*
Tom : Are you okay?
Anthony : I don't know dad, can I go outside for about 10 minutes.
Mary : No!
Anthony : If you don't let me outside, I will punish you.
Mary : You can't punish me, I'm your mother.
Anthony : *Catches Her Hair On Fire*
Mary : *Screams*
Anthony : *Runs Upstairs* ... Master, Master, Master!!!
The Master : I see that your apoy ability works.
Anthony : I didn't mean to burn my mothers hair off.
The Master : I know...
Anthony : You're the devil, I don't want anything to do with you anymore.
The Master : You're right... I AM THE DEVIL!!!
Anthony : In the name of J... Je... s.....
The Master : *Fills Anthony With Demons*
Anthony : Sorry Master.
The Master : It's okay, just obey me, and that won't happen again.
Tom : MARY, NO!!! *Cries*
Anthony : I've got to go now.
The Master : Remember Anthony, I'm watching you...
Tom : MY WIFE IS DEAD!!!!!
Anthony : *Runs Downstairs* ... Dad!
Tom : Quick, get out of here, the house is burning down!
Anthony, Tom : *Runs Outside*

{Mary is dead and the house burned.}

Tom : *Cries*
Fireman : The cause of the apoy was... Mary's hair, I'm sorry for your loss Tommy.
Anthony : This is horrible.
Anthony : This is all. My fault... *Cries*


(Scene 7, Cream's Vision) :

Vanilla : Cream, it's time for bed.
Cream : I can't Mom.
Vanilla : Cream, you're a young girl, you need sleep.
Cream : But the ghost will haunt me!
Vanilla : Sweetie, ghosts are all in your hed, they don't exist.
Cream : Are you sure?
Vanilla : Yes, I pag-ibig you Cream, have a good night sleep.
Cream : I will Mommy.
Vanilla : Good night Cream.
Cream : Good night Mom.

{Cream falls asleep and she has a horrible nightmare.}

Ice Cream Man : uy Cream, welcome to Ice Cream Land, I am Ice Cream Man, do you want a scoop of vanilla.
Cream : Yes, vanilla is my favorite.
Ice Cream Man : Are you enjoying the ice cream?
Cream : Yes Ice Cream Man.
Ice Cream Man : It's not ice cream...
Cream : It's not...
Ice Cream Man : *Turns Into A Demon* ... *Screams At Cream*
Cream : *Screams And Wakes Up* ... Mommy, mommy!!!
Vanilla : I'm trying to sleep Cream, what do you want.
Cream : I saw something really scary in my dreams!
Vanilla : You had a nightmare sweetie, just remember that mommy is watching over you, I pag-ibig you Cream, have sweet dreams. *Kisses Cream On The Cheek*
Cream : Good night...

{Cream falls asleep and the dream continues.}

Cream : ...
Demon : *Untranslatable*
Cream : Mr. Sonic!
Demon : *Untranslatable*
Cream : Mom!
Demon : *Screams At Cream*
Cream : *Screams*, what do you want from me?
Demon : Earth and Mobius is soon to be, a crater of waste thanks to thee Anthony...
Cream : Who is Anthony?
Demon : The leader of the future nation, Creamania... He's taking over the world for you...
Cream : He's taking over the world for me, that's evil, I don't want that at all, I want it to stop!
Demon : *Screams At Cream*
Cream : *Screams And Wakes Up*
Vanilla : *Runs Downstairs* ... What happened Cream, are you hurt?
Cream : They. Are. Gonna. Take. Over...
Vanilla : Who is?
Cream : Anthony. In. Creamania...
Vanilla : Anthony in Creamania?
Cream : He's. Taking. Over. For. ME!!! *Cries*
Vanilla : ... I had the same dream, maybe it's a vision...
Cream : I'll call Sonic with my new iPhone...


(Scene 8, Everyone's Vision) :

Sonic : uy Cream, I can tell that you're using the new iPhone that I bought you.
Cream : I am, but we need to talk about something way madami important, I had a demonic nightware last night, telling me simular things that the ghost told me at my birthday

Sonic : ... I had the same dream, and so did Tails.
Cream : Really?
Sonic : It's true, ask tells himself. *Gives The Phone To Tails*
Tails : uy Cream.
Cream : Hi Tails, it is true that you had the same vision that me, my mom, and Sonic had?
Tails : It's true, there was this scary monster thing telling me about Creamania and this guy named Anthony.
Tails : I thought it was just a coincidence, but you may be right Cream.
Cream : I think I am right, I need to keep my eyes peeled for bad events now.
Tails : You're gonna need it, bye Cream, here's Sonic. *Gives The Phone Back To Sonic*
Cream : Mr. Sonic?
Sonic : Cream?
Cream : Sonic, I just talked to Tails, he DID have the same dream.
Sonic : Maybe it was the same entity that was the "ghost".
Cream : It's a mystery...


(Scene 9, Back To The Madhouse) :

Police Officer : So let me get's this straight, her hair caught on fire, she died, and your house burned down with it?
Fireman : I believe so.
Police Officer : Tom, you're under arrest for murdering your wife.
Police Officer : Tell it to the judge, punk!
Anthony : He didn't do anything officer... I did...
Police Officer : You did? You're the one who killed Mary?
Anthony : Yes, I accidentally killed her, I kind of caught her hair on fire, it's all my fault officer, I even escaped the mental institution, it was demons that were

controling me to do these bad things.
Police Officer : You're in a lot of troble punk!

{Anthony was sent back to the institution.}

Guard : You're clearly crazier than I thought, you will NEVER be released!
Guard 2 : Enjoy the rest of your life here, you psychopath.
Anthony : *Cries* I ruined everything! *Cries*
James : We're all crazy, some people are a little, some people are a lot, but everyone is crazy Anthony.
Anthony : Thanks for trying to help, but nothings going to work, I accidentally burned down my house and killed my mother.
James : ... *Leaves*
Anthony : Jim. Jim... Jim!
James : Don't touch me, our friendship is over! I bet it wasn't an accident.
Anthony : It was an accident.
James : You are truly insane! *Runs Away*

{Anthony is left alone}

Anthony : That's it, it's time I take over this world.
The Master : You're gonna need some help.
Anthony : Master, what are you doing here.
The Master : I'm here to say that you are worthy.
Anthony : Worthy of what?
The Master : Worthy of being pure evil!!!
Anthony : Pure evil?
The Master : That means that I will remove everything good about you and replace it with evil.
The Master : *Chanting*
Anthony : NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!..... I will. Obey. You...
The Master : Exellent... *Evil Laugh*
Anthony : *Evil Laugh* Lets destroy this world.....


To be continued...