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Critical Analysis of Twilight Tanong

Anti-imprinters: Could imprinting have been saved or at least interesting?

I am an anti-imprinter due to all the pedophillic, sexist themes and it being presented as sweet and romantic. Could it have been saved or made interesting without it giving off the impression that this is romantic or a good thing?

Here's my idea:

Instead of it being a male only thing, imprinting would be for both male or females. Imprinting wouldn't be about finding your soulmate, it would be about becoming a slave to your imprintee and having no free will of your own and doing everything your imprintee tells you to do. No one would be thinking that this was a good thing or that this is the best thing that could ever happen to them, instead, everyone would be dreading it because you're basically bound to your imprintee forever and you could end up being abused sa pamamagitan ng your imprintee and treated as your slave.

For example, with the Sam/Emily/Leah predicament. Emily would be shown as a woman in pag-ibig with Sam and when he imprinted on her she immediately leapt at the chance to make him her lover and Sam will be unhappy because he is only in pag-ibig with Leah and now they will never be together again. Emily wants him to only pag-ibig her so she threatens suicide because the only out of the imprinting is through death and if she dies then he will have to kill himself because of their souls being linked and him having to follow her wherever she goes, even in death. And everyone will be sympathetic towards Leah and Sam instead of bashing her and treating her like a harpy for not excepting Sam and Emily's "love." Then, after this, Quil, Jacob and the others will fear imprinting and when Quil imprints on Claire and Jacob with Reneesme, both Claire and Reneesme go on a power trip due to the fact that they can control their imprinters and they will do anything they say they become spoiled brats who treat Quil and Jacob like slaves.

Well that's my idea, anyway. What are your thoughts?
 lasalle28 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Critical Analysis of Twilight Sagot

bri-marie said:
I don't think imprinting could have been saved. Regardless of whether or not it was a "males only" thing, it still takes away the choice - both of the imprinter and the imprintee.

Also, unless there was some age on how old you have to be to be imprinted on, it's still pedophilia and child grooming. An adult is still having a relationship that will eventually become romantic with a child.
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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