uy there! So recently I just put a Bella and Jacob article, which I really enjoyed writing, and of course sharing my opinions. Some people have sinabi they would want me to write a artikulo here about Edward Cullen, so here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Now, there's no way you haven't heard of him. He is currently every girls dream boy, has the most fans on fanpop when it comes to character, and alos has a cult. Everyone loves him.
But my tanong is...why?
They say he's romantic, a gentleman. Really? So what if he uses chessy lines and says stuff like "You are my life now." or "The lion fell in pag-ibig with the lamb." Nothing special about that.
Also, he abusese Bella. Your probaly saying "Thats not true! He never hit Bella!"
There is madami than physical abuse. He forces her to go to prom, takes to engine out of her car to prevent her from seeing somebody, never listens to her opinions, and always points out something wrong with her mga kaibigan and family. Sounds controlling anybody?
I reached my breaking pont with Edward in Breaking Dawn. When he asked Jacob to have sex with Bella so she can hve his baby, I realized his character couldn't get any worst. Really Edward? And how on earth was Bella actually touched sa pamamagitan ng that gesture?
And he's creppy. I mean...he watched Bella sleep without her knowledge! That isn't sexy or romantic at all...THATS CREPPY! And he actualy did stalk her...if I were Bella and found out he watched me sleep, I call the cops.
Oh, does anybody else think that some people only pag-ibig him because he's hot? What if he was ugly? I wonder...
Also, please, give him a persanality! Fun and cherry, sarcastic and funny, ANYTHING! Really, its like he has no persanality at all. He just seems so moody. Why do all these girls pag-ibig him for? Its shocking how he had 7059 fans on fanpop. If he ever gets madami fans than The O.C. and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think I might die. Seriously.
Thats it! Not as good as my other 2 artikulo here, huh? Well, I tried my best. Twilighter who pag-ibig Edward, please don't attack me! I'm just sharing my opinion, which I think we all have a right to do. Sorry if I offended anyone, really