The Harry Potter vs Twilight war is a huge phenomenon in the literary world. We have artikulo floating around in the Internet (even in CAT) where both camps vehemently defend their fandoms. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but today, I am not going to take sides. How it started, and how it evolved in a full-scale clash between fans of both series is something I would cover in this article.

It started off with a few websites claiming Twilight is the new Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans, of course, would not take it sitting down, and they wrote artikulo with reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight. Then Twilight fans read the artikulo the Harry Potter fans wrote, and they fought back, coming up with their own reasons why Twilight is better than Harry Potter. And then the HP camp got furious, moved to Youtube and posted bidyo about the whole affair. And then Twilight fans posted ang sumagot to the bidyo the HP fans put up... You get the picture.

I think the whole clash is silly. (no offense to anyone, especially to my fellow HP fans.)

1) The two series, while in the pantasiya genre, are different in their themes.
Harry Potter is the good-vs-evil fight, and contains a lot madami action and mystery, with many plot twists thrown along the way. Twilight is pretty straight-forward, it is a romance series with a girl who would do anything to be with her true love.

2) The way they approach magic is different. Harry uses magic most of the time, but in the war with Voldemort, he relies on his human nature (by sacrificing himself for his friends, like how his mother sacrificed herself for him) to defeat the Dark Wizard. Witches and wizards in the Harry Potter series also have struggles like us, despite their magical powers.

In the Twilight series, Bella is always shown as being a weak human. She is only strong after her transformation as a vampire. She relies on magic madami than her humanity, and after her transformation, she doesn't seem to have any struggle.

3) Love.
Both series approach pag-ibig differently. While Harry has his romantic interests, a greater importance is shown for platonic pag-ibig (love with friends). The first people Harry turn to are Ron and Hermione. However, Twilight focuses madami on romantic love, and the first people Bella turns to is Edward and Jacob (who are her pag-ibig interests).

4) Girls.
The girls in the series are different. Bella (before her transformation) has to rely on stronger people (the vampires/werewolves) to help her and she rarely voices her opinions. Hermione in the Harry Potter series constantly puts herself in the line of danger, and being the smartest person in the school, she argues with the boys. Most of the time, her timely wit saves the day.

With these reasons, I think the Twilight series and the Harry Potter series shouldn't be compared.