Critical Analysis of Twilight What little thing about Twilight did you find silliest?

Pick one:
vegetarian vampires. Who eat deer. In Stephanie Meyer's head Deer is a vegatable
My name's Bella Swan. That translates as beautiful sisne which isn't cheesy at all
I use the gift of superpowered immortality to go to highschool. As you would.
Why would I use my power of flight to get places when I have a volvo?
Edward:"Go away. I pag-ibig you. Go away. I watch you sleep, coz I ♥ you. Go away"
Edward: "You smell good enough to eat....literally. Let's date! I pag-ibig my food."
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Sparkling is a perfect way to emphazise the mysterious and dark aura of vamps
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Um... all of these
Um...all of these
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I want to drink your blood, but i cant- cos I LOVE...
I want to drink your blood, but i cant- cos I pag-ibig YOU!
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Bella: I&# 39; m such a loser, but somehow, I have,...
Bella: I'm such a loser, but somehow, I have, like, five guys asking me out
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Stephenie Meyer: No! No one dislikes my books! They're the best!
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