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 2x03- Overload
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season 2
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This CSI screencap contains portrait, headshot, and closeup. There might also be business suit, telebisyon receiver, telebisyon, telebisyon set, tv, tv set, idiot box, boob tube, telebisor, goggle kahon, sign, poster, teksto, and pisara.

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One reason I pag-ibig CSI over other crime shows like Law and Order (although, I do pag-ibig me some Law and Order) is because of the character interaction. It's just enough to keep us guessing, and subtle enough not to distract from the main plot of any one episode. What I really pag-ibig about CSI is the rare episode that really shows how the team can pull together in a crisis to help one of their own. Episodes like "Grave Danger," "Fannysmackin'," "Living Doll," "Dead Doll," "Built to Kill Part 2," and even "Playing With Fire" to an extent really ipakita how the team cares for each other as friends, and...
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I think Riley is the best CSI on the ipakita right now. Don't get me wrong sarah was awsome and Warrick was cool(Nick,kathrine,greg,grissom and others are good to). I just pag-ibig how she has a dark past and is kinda mysterious. She has a quirky aide but also a serious calm side. She can get herself out of difficult situations sa pamamagitan ng being calm( episode No Way Out). She took control and talked her and sinag out of it. Ya she's a little trigger happy but that makes her, her. I think her and greg would be adorable together. But i think they should ipakita madami of her so we understand her better.
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