Damon & Elena Tatsulok Couples

bdavis98 posted on Jan 21, 2012 at 02:08AM
Ok so I made this forum because I’m sick of making picks like (delena fans ship…..) and people not commenting and because I want to which couple we have in common, and since we might not share the same TV shows, I will list my couples then u list yours and we will find the common couples I will start:

Buffy & angel (BTVS/angel)
Brandon & Kelly (BH 90210)
Brenda & Dylan (BH 90210)
Pacey & joey (Dawson’s creek)
Jess & rory (Gilmore girls)
Quinn & puck (glee) even though I stopped watching the show
Chuck & blair (gossip girl)
Alex & izzie (grey’s anatomy)
Mark & Addison (grey’s anatomy)
Duke & Audrey (haven)
Barney & robin (how I met your mother)
Danny & mary (lasvages)
Sawyer & kate (lost)
Nick & jess (new girl)
Brooke & lucas (one tree hill)
Brooke & Julian (one tree hill) because brucas didn’t work out
Clay & Quinn (one tree hill)
Aria & ezra (pretty little liars)
Jack & Emily/Amanda (revenge)
Clois (smallville)
Emmett & bay (switched at birth)
Dean & lisa (supernatural) because jo died
Dean & jo (supernatural)
Jackie & hyde (that 70’s show)
Ryan & taylor (the oc) because ryan & saide didn’t work out
Ryan & saide (the oc)
Chloe & alek (the nine lives of chloe king)
Eric & sookie (true blood)
Veronica & logan (VM)
Neal & alex (white collar)
Junior & kris (wild fire).
So now is ur turn…
 Ok so I made this pagtitip. because I’m sick of making picks like (delena fans ship…..) and people no

Damon & Elena 2 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HaleyDewit said…
Well, I'll answer the ones I'm familiar with :)

BtVS: Buffy&Spike
Dawson's Creek: Pacey&Joey (I hated Dawson when he separated them)
Glee: I watch it, but I'm only at season 1, so I'll get back at this one.
Gossip Girl: Almost done with season 2, so far Chuck and Blair
One Tree: Leyton and Brucas, I was rooting for both. Naley, Brulian, Clay and Quinn
Pretty Little Liars: Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, Emily and Samara, Hannah and Caleb
Revenge: Jack and Emily/Amanda
Supernatural: Only seen 1 so far, so I'll get back on this.
The OC: Seth and Summer
True Blood: Sookie and Eric
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HaleyDewit said…
And here are my favorite ships from shows that weren't listed:

Charmed: Phoebe&Cole, Piper&Leo, Paige&Kyle, Paige&Henry
Prison Break: Michael&Sarah
Ringer: Andrew&Bridget, Henry&Shioban
TSC: Cassie&Jake, Adam&Diana, Faye and that new guy
Heroes: Sylar&Elle, Peter&Emma,