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Why do I like Damon & Katherine even after all she put him through? No, not because they are 'hot", which seems to the reason that many people tend to pair them up. I always see a constant drag down of DK sa pamamagitan ng the DE's (I am just going sa pamamagitan ng what I have seen)because Katherine has hurt him. Yes, she has, but how many times has Elena done that? segundo chances, it's all about segundo chances. About undoing what you did wrong the first time. Katherine is manipulative. Yes, but what about Elena? She's been playing "innocent" and been stringing along both the brothers but no one says anything to her....
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A ship, to be romantic needs to be a lot of other things too:


Damon/Katherine is all of this.

First of all the 1800 scenario helps a lot, along with Damon’s rebel soul, Katherine’s past and above all her vampire “situation”.

This won’t be pretty for Steferine shippers, but Stefan/Katherine has no bases to be a ralationship like DK

Their bases are: SELFISH REASONS: Stefan wanted her just because of her laugh and oliba skin and above all because he knew NOTHING about her, when he saw HER for what she truly was ,he was DISGUSTED and all...
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