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This Damon Salvatore litrato might contain hawak cell, stained glass window, portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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Gabe parked his car in front of the police station and looked aside at his wife. “You sure you want to do this?” he asked soft. “I could just go in there alone and you can wait for me” Rachel shook her head. “No, I, eh, I need to see it for myself” she sinabi with a trembling yet determined voice. She unfastened her seatbelt and stepped out of the car, Gabe doing the same. He walked around the car and hooked his arm in his wife’s. They walked up the porch and entered the station. They headed for the mesa when sheriff Forbes noticed them. She handed some papers to one of her deputies...
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Fair warring this artikulo states FATCS that are REAL but people make excuse for it or simply deny it, this the real Stefan Salvatore so brace yourselves.

So from S1 until S3 the writers and the fans have portrayed/ seen Stefan as the “good” brother as the “saint” the selfless brother and all that crap. But if you really open your eyes for one segundo of this picture perfect you will see the truth. That Stefan from araw one LIED and kept secrets, hides his past and made his brother out to be the “big bad wolf” and him as the scared little boy who has done nothing wrong.

But facts proves...
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the vampire diaries
damon salvatore
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