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I admit, that in the very beginning of Gossip Girl, from seasons 1-3, I shipped Chuck/Blair. I thought that they were the true pag-ibig story of the show, especially in the first couple of seasons. But then as time progressed on the show, I realized how wrong I was. I have come to the mere conclusion that Chuck/Blair is a highly toxic relationship and is one that should not continue under any circumstances. The idea that the own Gossip Girl producer has the guts to label Chuck/Blair as a "love story" when Chuck has done nothing but treat Blair like shit is beyond. To me, it is seriously appalling....
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posted by detty4ever
So the time finally came and we got to see the episode we've been waiting for, for over a month!

We all wanted the episode to start with the Dair halik moment, but instead we saw two things:

Blair in her bed, unwilling to start her araw and Dan checking his phone for a message sa pamamagitan ng her..Later in the episode we learn that it's been a week and these two haven't meet or talk to each other!

On the surface Blair seems to be avoiding Dan because she doesn't care for him and that can be further reinforced sa pamamagitan ng her line that the halik meant nothing.

But this is only on the surface! If we really think of the...
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posted by queenfrmbhive
I just noticed that these two couples have a lot in common. Is Dan/Blair the Seth/Summer 2.0?

1. Same creator
The O.C. and Gossip Girl was both created sa pamamagitan ng Josh Schwartz.

2. Similar toys
Seth/Summer sure didn't have dolls, but they do have plastic toy horses. If only Dan knew about Blair's cabbage patch.

Blair: Oh, is that Cedric?
Dan: This araw just got worse.
Seth: Who is this?
Summer: No one.
Seth: I'm not no one.
Summer: Princess Sparkle, what do you want?

3. Witty Banters
Yeah, these couples surely have a lot in the list. But this one makes it madami parallel:

On Seth/Summer's roadtrip, Seth was driving...
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I'll admit it: I was a staunch supporter of Chair since Season One. sa pamamagitan ng early Season 3, such was my conviction that they belonged together, I wanted them to get married. But sa pamamagitan ng 3x18, my pag-ibig for Chair received a crushing blow, and never recovered. In the midst of my spell of mourning for them, I realised Blair had never really had a relationship with a guy which had not been characterised sa pamamagitan ng drama, betrayal and heartbreak. She'd never had a 'normal' relationship with someone when she was truly happy. I'd spent all this time believing she belonged with Chuck, but what did Blair Waldorf look like...
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I’m not kidding. I am dead.

This must be how David felt after the dentist. It feels too freaking good to be real. I remember watching nakaraan seasons of the ipakita with wistful sighs whenever Dan and Blair interacted, because I truly thought they didn’t have a chance. The Chair fanbase was too vocal for the writers to take a risk like that, right? Well, I’ve never been so glad to be wrong in my life. Tonight’s episode madami than made up for all those times I felt I was hoping for the impossible.

Let’s start with the beginning scene - waffles were mentioned. There were two very satisfied...
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"It was actually the most fun I had had on the ipakita in a while," Penn dished about his latest on-screen romance. "It was something new for my character, and I was having fun with the rapport, and I think my dialogue benefited from it. It was actually a lot of fun to work with Leighton. I hadn’t much. We were like the only two who had never really interacted."

Well it seems they've quickly gone from 0 to 60 in the interacting department, and Penn admitted he's not complaining. "It was great We all get along pretty impeccably, even after four years," he shared. "I mean there are ups and downs,...
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Here is a little something i've been working on for the past two days, hope you enjoy some is from what i heard but the actual play is made up sa pamamagitan ng me so i hope you enjoy

Blair couldn't believe she would have to be working with someone who is beneath her, she had no idea that he would even be considering a part but his name was in black and white ink right in front of her. She would have prefer another round with his sister but she had to change her after school activities because Yale wouldn't accept a girl who schemes behind peoples backs, but did she really have to see Dan Humphrey or even...
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There are three big reasons why I think a Dan/Blair pairing is possible.

1. Writers
Much like Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl appears to be a ipakita that likes to test out every possible combination. Things cannot possibly continue how they are going now.
Rumor has it things could maybe get shaken up between Chuck and Blair later in the season (I won't say anything specific, no spoilers here). I think Dan and Blair have a lot of potential for becoming close until that point.

2. pag-ibig and Hate
People say they hate each other too much to be together. But pag-ibig and hate are fueled sa pamamagitan ng the same fire. Both are...
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 Dair in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Dair in Breakfast at Tiffany's
I see this board is dead, which is really sad. Didn't mean to rime their budddies.

Recently I've become again madami and madami obsessed with Dan and Blair, which is a sign that I just want to procrastinate instead of study for exams, but it still is, unhealthy as it sounds, a real concern my brain cannot get rid of. When I don't like an ending I make up one of my own to satisfy the crazy urges of my mind, and I have made up such an ending to fulfill my Dair ship, but before that, I wanted to post about something, I don't know how many others have discussed before, if any, that is Breakfast at Tiffanny's....
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posted by kfrancis08
Dan/Blair story

She wanted to escape her troubles he wanted to escape the upper east side but can one incident unite these two to stay and actually graduate.

Blair has always wondered if the reason why Chuck left her to herself was a sign or someone telling her something. She needed to get away, and she did even though she had regretted being alone, the trip did some good sa pamamagitan ng allowing her to see what had drawn her to Chuck and why she had allowed herself to be in a relationship where he had doubted himself. What she really wanted was a relationship like Dan and Serena. Because behind...
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posted by preetyreckless
i have been noticing allot of chair fans turned into dair fans but the opposite never happened cuz well chair is a relationship which u can hate but dair never another thing there way of analyzing the dair dialogue makes me laugh specially i realized it belongs to someone else scene they sinabi blair meant her self really i mean come on ! its too lame even to replay on it i am not saying all chair fans are like that my bff is chair and derena but the majority of them are so rude ! and they hate dan ! why ? i know its their opinion i hate chuck but u must have a reason to hate someone or a character...
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From Zap2it:

They did it... they dared to Dair

So let's finally discuss what everyone is talking about: The Kiss. We have a general tendency to not "ship" any couples on TV, but those crazy kids Dan and Blair seemed to have slipped through our top-notch security system. Granted, it's made of Diet kouk cans and trays from Whole Foods, but still.

What girl doesn't dream about a cute boy ipinapakita up at her house late at night (after seeing her all throughout the day) because he couldn't get her off his mind? "I've been walking around the city all night with one all-consuming paralyzing thought,"...
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posted by xoxogossipchick
I'd like to posit a plot line for season 5...

If you have not seen the Buto Season 6 finale STOP pagbaba NOW!!!

So if you've seen the Buto Season 6 finale, you know that the creators left us with a huge cliffhanger....Bones is pregnant and Booth is the father! Yay! However, we never saw the sex scene! Here's what I'm thinking...Blair and Dan didn't just halik that night! They slept together as well but we didn't see it! Let's assume Blair's pregnant (coz Serena hasn't had a pag-ibig interest for months)! Using Buto as a reference, we can then assume that Dan's possibly the father!!!!!

Just a thought I had that I wanted to put out there...
posted by queenfrmbhive
Some might say that Rufus and Lily mirror Dan and Serena's relationship, when they really mirror Dan and Blair's relationship.

1. Bass-Lily-Humphrey
At first, Lily was with Bart, they were even married. However, Rufus didn't do anything about it, he just kept silent and waited for Lily. Then they had their time.

2. Art
Rufus got famous in his time because of the songs he wrote for Lily. Dan got famous because of his novel, Inside, that was somehow for Blair.

3. Secrecy
Dan: You ever hung out with someone, but not be able to tell anyone?
Rufus: You mean uh, “hang out, hang out” or you know “hang...
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First of all I need to get one thing out of my chest:

Gossip Girl SUCKS the big one!!

And now I can start.....


Apparently, Chuck went from beast to prince in no time! Can you believe it? Ridiculous is the word. You can't have your hero being portrayed as the typical guy/abuser in one episode with the media using his behavior as an example to warn the women out there to avoid these type of relationships(Zap2it) and then the susunod araw to present him as the ultimate nice guy who's willing to let go of his pag-ibig cause he puts her own happiness as a priority!
You have...
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posted by Dark4eva
 Team Pauper (Album Cover)
Team Pauper (Album Cover)
So i was going through my tumblr account, and i came accross one of the ppl i follow to a manip they did to the pato Sauce- Barbara Stritan song. Dair fans we have now gotten our slogan "Dare to Dair" and our theme song "Dare to Dair", we are building a franchise here ppl...a franchise!! :D

Okay so its not really a long artikulo it was just the only way i could put the song on here so here it is.(the link)


BTW, if anyone has tumblr then they should follow realchemistry, their ships are great and they are big Dair supporter.

Hope u guys enjoy it!!!
 How Can Blair Turn Away From This?
How Can Blair Turn Away From This?
1. "Inside" (aka: The writers pag-ibig to re-write history.)

a) "Dan isn't over Blair at all. His secret that Vanessa finds out is that he wrote a book called "Inside" Vanessa reads it and I think Dan says he's been working on it for about five years. So that's the reason he wanted to be caught up in UES. He doesn't want it published anymore, cares about all of these people...but Vanessa gives it to a publisher at the very end...and says shes going to Barcelona."

b) "It's true that Dan has been Pagsulat a book about the upper east side. But now that he knows these people that has now become his friends...
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Okay so the whole promo is about Blair right ?! So why the will put charlie in the promo ?! and charlie's hair isn't like the one in the promo right but it looks like Blair's

but they kinda look alike in their faces from the side

we are sure that it is Dan but is it charlie or Blair see and judge

- not the same hair
- same face as Blair's
- but Blair isn't fat

and i kinda hope its Blair because it cant be charlie cuz she is still new and there is like 3 episodes left ipakita how can they make 2 have sex so fast and Blair knows Dan for a long time and she has feeling for him but she won't admit it and besides if he slept with charlie then he doesn't have feeling for Blair and the producers sinabi that Dan and Blair isn't over and it took them 4 season for making so of course they wont end it so easily
posted by Dark4eva
So i was pagbaba posts on tumblr when i came through one that wrote his/her opinion about the finale, here is what they wrote:

"Okay….on the train ride tahanan today…I had this terrible thought.

We know Jack is coming back to mess with Chuck. What if he finds out that Blair is engaged to the Prince and he comes back to threaten Chuck-telling him that if he doesn’t hand over the bass Industries, he’ll leak the “contract” that was drawn up during the whole exchanging Blair for a hotel thing. AND THEN…Chuck (because he’s being REDEEMED here) turns over BI so that Blair’s reputation...
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posted by queenfrmbhive
WTF are the writers thinking?

We want to see a DAIR halik not a DARLIE kiss, which was not even fully shown yet. And it was freeze framed, really? I believe that it was purposely done for the viewers to interpret the halik and what happened after that. Nothing much were sinabi about their reactions. I think there is something the writers are trying to hide from us. They haven't even showed their halik in Petty in Pink. Srsly, making out on a cellphone screen? In the promos for the last 5 episodes, it wasn't exactly like that. It wasn't freeze-framed or on a cellphone. The halik isn't forbidden...
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