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{Worst Day}

After Melody talked with Taran..

*Jim Cleaning the castle entrance*

Melody; Jim! Jim! I’ve something to tell you!
Jim; oh, Your highness
Melody; Highness..? It’s Melody.
Jim; You should not be here your highness.
Melody; What-. What’s wrong..
Jim; Alright. *Jim stares at melody*
Melody; What are you talking about!?
Jim; Ha. I heard it, Melody. All
Melody; But. I'll explain everything!
Jim; No thanks, I know.

* Jim turns around and goes*

Melody; No! Jim! Wait!
Jim; This is my last word. Do not talk to me anymore.
Melody; *softly* No.. Jim..

*Melody cry and run to her bedroom.*

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*Melody In her room crying* * Melody take the collar of jim *

Ariel enters into the room.
Ariel; oh, my dear, what happened?
Melody; Nothing..
Ariel; Please tell me.
Melody; Nothing mum. *crying*
Ariel; I don’t why are you crying but I want to you know that I’ll be there for you..

*Melody looks the collar an notice something*

Melody; Wow this can be opened. *Melody open the collar*

*a Pic of jim and melody flowting*

Melody; this picture Is me and jim, how beautiful!
*Ariel takes the necklace*
Ariel; Where did you get this?
Melody; Aaah.. I found it.
Ariel; Melody. Seriously. Where did you get this? It was that boy taran right!?
Melody; The truth it was Jim.
Ariel; Melody you know that you cannot be a relation with him.
Melody; Why not? You don’t know why!
Ariel; Melody Listen to me-
Melody; Why I want to hear you..?
Ariel; I can't believe you're naughty, You don't hang out with employees, You don't know how they are!!
Melody; How do you know?! You never talking to they!

*Crying, runs and leaves the room*

To Be Continued....
 {Worst Day} After Melody talked with Taran.. *Jim Cleaning the kastilyo entrance* Melody; Jim! Jim!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ribon95 said…
i want moree...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas RoxStar09 said…
Poor Melody. :(
Her mother comes from an understanding perspective yet the poor girl is so undermined, she's frowning with tears.

You don't know what you're missing out on. -_-

And Ariel, acting so motherly is just *shudders* not how I usually picture her, that vivacious, young, intrepid little mermaid. <3 Still, you did a pretty good job. Oh, and thanks for adding that collage! It added all the more fruition between the characters in your story. ^_^
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hey_Guys said…
nice 10/10 made me cry