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the great prince
Si Kagandahan at mga hayop
bambi 2
posted by PrincessBelle2
 “I would never keep anything from you, Ramses; you know that!"
“I would never keep anything from you, Ramses; you know that!"

Ariel looked up at her husband, who was tacking up his horses, ready for a chariot practise. There was to be a great race that week in honour of a visiting noblewoman, Lady Maleficent, and Ramses and Moses were about to practise sa pamamagitan ng having a short race of their own. Ariel frowned, losing the sunny glow that had been about her all week. “What do you mean, what? I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’ve been strangely happy lately,” Ramses told her, grinning. “Like you’re hiding something.”

“Maybe I am,” she teased.

“Ariel, we shouldn’t have secrets.”

She laughed....
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "I have to get used to this now!"
"I have to get used to this now!"
Ariel awoke early the susunod morning; exhausted but happy. The sunlight wafted in through the open window, warming the room and bathing it in a golden glow. She felt as though she might be glowing herself as she remembered everything that had happened the night before; her marriage to Ramses.

“Good morning, my princess.”

She hadn’t realised that he was awake, but he was, and smiling at her, like any man in love. She smiled back, warmly. “Good morning.” Her puso leapt at remembering she was now awake and had to get up and dressed. “Oh, sa pamamagitan ng Ra! I’ve got to get up and attend to your...
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posted by KataraLover
    Another week went by, and Angel has been doing better and hasn't had any bad dreams. We're at the park again. Hopefully this won't cause anything bad. The kids were playing like normal human children. Suddenly, Scamp heard some kind of noise. It turns out it was a brown madala that came out of the woods. It chased after him and he ran as fast as he could. He ran into the woods until he was sure he Nawawala the bear, but now he couldn't find his way back. He walked through the woods until he saw two incredibly beautiful young twin women. They had long black hair in a ponytail,...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "Alright, grumpypuss!"
"Alright, grumpypuss!"
That was the way it was for Ramses and Ariel and they were perfectly happy. reyna Tuya knew that they wouldn't have it any other way, but her husband Seti was anxious that Ramses stop fooling around with Ariel and focus on taking a wife. He sinabi as much the susunod araw over breakfast. Ariel, dining with the servants, was absent and so unable to hear for herself what Seti had to say to his son.
"Ramses, you know we're holding that banquet tonight? Well-"
"Oh, don't tell me!" Ramses groaned. "You've got another batch of young and silly women lined up for me to meet and possibly think about marrying!"...
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posted by Lena_t
It was very raining spring that taon and people try to save crop in the kingdom.
There was a lot of work and sometimes even children help their parents.
This kingdom always was rich and every 5 years on the spring there was Grand Ball. Kings and queens from whole world come to this ball, because there was very funny and they could meet all those friends. Royal's families can forget them origins. Royal’s families come for two weeks.
King of Dortney as always with his wife and two daughters was here too. But this taon was special because now his first son comes too. His name was Prince Harold....
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It's my first artikulo here so I decided to start off sa pamamagitan ng listning my 5 paborito crossover couples, it was very hard to come up with 5 couples since I'm madami a tagahanga of making friendship crossovers, but on later times I've started to fall for making crossover couples.

5. Aurora & Derek

I pag-ibig this couple though I haven't done so many crossovers of these two (this is the only one of the two that I've done so far)! I actually think Aurora is better for Derek than Odette because I just think Aurora is madami Derek's type, but I like Aurora better with Phillip, but still a really nice couple...
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 all rights reserver disney
all rights reserver disney
Here's my Best Couple for Belle countdown lineup.

John Smith

#8 Frollo
 sa pamamagitan ng PrincessBelle2
by PrincessBelle2

I don't even have to say why Belle shouldn't be with Frollo. He is too old for her and he's already a dirty old man as it is. I don't know why people to that. I don't know if it's meant to be a joke or what, but it's just disgusting.

ew XD (Ribon95)
ewww (pretty_angel92)
I know, she's too old for him, in fact Frollo can find someone else to petsa like the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, or reyna Narissa. (sturmelle15)

#7 Tarzan
 sa pamamagitan ng Me
by Me

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This is my personal listahan of paborito crossovers. I didn't put reasons because I was too lazy and maybe I'll edit it later but not now. And except for Ariel and Jim these aren't in any particular order. I pag-ibig them all equally.

15. Jasmine/Tulio
 sa pamamagitan ng Diamela
By Diamela

14. Jenny/Penny
 sa pamamagitan ng Me
By Me

13. Jane/John Smith
 sa pamamagitan ng MegaraRider
By MegaraRider

12. Cinderella/Jim
 sa pamamagitan ng kanjo-girl (Deviantart)
By kanjo-girl (Deviantart)

11. Cinderella/Eric
 sa pamamagitan ng Ribon95
By Ribon95

10. Jasmine/Sinbad
 sa pamamagitan ng Chesire
By Chesire

9. Belle/Shang
 sa pamamagitan ng Chesire
By Chesire

8. Belle/Phoebus
 sa pamamagitan ng Bugbyte98
By Bugbyte98

7. Lottie/Eric
 sa pamamagitan ng Me
By Me

6. Pocahontas/Little Creek
 sa pamamagitan ng Chesire
By Chesire

5. Aurora/Lumiere
 sa pamamagitan ng Me (One of my first crossovers so his head's a bit bigg)
By Me (One of my first crossovers so his head's a bit bigg)

4. Peter Pan/Alice
 sa pamamagitan ng Someone
By Someone

3. Aladdin/Ariel
 sa pamamagitan ng Jranaa
By Jranaa

2. John Smith/Ariel
 sa pamamagitan ng Me
By Me

1. Jim/Ariel
 sa pamamagitan ng Someone
By Someone

posted by GypsyMarionette
-Aaron (The Prince of Egypt)
-Benjamin (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Bromley (The sisne Princess)
-Captain Efraim Longstocking (Pippi Longstocking)
-Chamberlain (The sisne Princess)
-Chief Tannabok (The Road to El Dorado)
-Cortés (The Road to El Dorado)
-Dean (The Iron Giant)
-Derek (The sisne Princess)
-Dimitri (Anastasia)
-Garrett (Quest for Camelot)
-Gulliver (Gulliver's Travels [1939])
-Hogarth (The Iron Giant)
-Hotep (The Prince of Egypt)
-Huy (The Prince of Egypt)
-Jacob (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Jethro (The Prince of Egypt)
-Joseph (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Judah (Joseph: King of Dreams)
-Kale (Sinbad:...
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posted by GypsyMarionette


Born Royalty
-Adella (The Little Mermaid)
-Alana (The Little Mermaid)
-Andrina (The Little Mermaid)
-Aquata (The Little Mermaid)
-Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
-Arista (The Little Mermaid)
-Attina (The Little Mermaid)
-Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
-Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)
-Frederica Janie de la Fontain (Cinderella. She is announced at the ball)*
-Jasmine (Aladdin)
-Kida (Atlantis)
-Mei (Mulan II)
-Melody (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
-Mérida (Brave)
-Rapunzel (Tangled)
-Snow White
-Su (Mulan II)
-Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)
-Ting-Ting, (Mulan II)

Married Royalty
-Belle (Beauty...
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posted by GypsyMarionette

-Captain Amelia [cat](Treasure Planet)
-Clarabelle Cow
-Daisy Duck
-Gadget [mouse](Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers)
-Lady Cluck [hen] (Robin Hood)
-Maid Marion [fox](Robin Hood)
-Minnie Mouse
-Miss Bianca [mouse](The Rescuers)
-Mother Rabbit [rabbit](Robin Hood)
-Olivia Flaversham [mouse](The Great mouse Detective)
-Pistol Pete (Goof Troop)
-Queen Mousetoria [mouse](The Great mouse Detective)
-Rebecca Cunningham [bear] (TaleSpin)
-Sylvia Marpole (An Extremely Goofy Movie)
-Roxanne (A Goofy Movie)


-Baloo [bear] (TaleSpin)
-Basil [mouse](The Great mouse Detective)
-Bill the butiki (Alice in Wonderland)...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 Updating Soon!
Updating Soon!
In the depths of Ancient Egypt, where even the royals were governed sa pamamagitan ng law, there was a prince and a servant girl...

Ramses II is the young, headstrong heir to the trono of Egypt. Determined to be a better ruler than his father someday, Ramses has never been one for playing sa pamamagitan ng the rules.

Ariel is the beautiful servant girl who has been Ramses' best friend since saving his life in their childhood. Cautious and loving, Ariel knows her place, but when friendship turns to love, she will gladly defy the rules.

The young couple are determined that nothing and no one can ever tear them apart. Their...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "What is this feeling? Loathing!"
"What is this feeling? Loathing!"
"Dearest, darlingist Mumsie and Popopsicle...."

"My dear Papa...."

"There's been some confusion over rooming here, you see..."

"But of course I'll care for Kayley...."

"But of course I'll rise above it...."

"For I know that's how you'd want me to respond, yes. There's been some confusion for my roommate seems to be..."

"Unusual and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe..."


The peace and tranquillity of El Dorado Academy is about to get shattered!

Blonde, peppy, rich and sometimes selfish Sinderella Porter is determined to sing and dance her way to the top.

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posted by LightningRed
Ariel was aghast. How could Eris destroy lives and say that it was her Ritual? They were blameless, guiltless people, merely passengers on a ship, trying to get to a new land. Ariel went to the Misty Falls to calm herself. There was a small cave in the corner hidden beneath the large rocks, called the Mermaid Cove. Ariel rolled a small stone underwater and swam in. Soon she was inside the cave and sat on the rocks to think. It was her special hiding place where she could be alone with her thoughts.

Meanwhile, in the deepest, darkest part of the sea, Eris waited as an angler isda lurked for...
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