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I got really bored, so I typed in Disney on Google, and I found a DIsney Harry pic. So I made these.
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This disney crossover litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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 Earlier when I went up to him after gym class he had his sando off. I nearly died!
Earlier when I went up to him after gym class he had his shirt off. I nearly died!
Dear Diary,

Last night I had the funniest dream. Me and Shang were at the tabing-dagat and Shang was surfing. Seriously, Shang, near a surfboard? Nani, yes, Ariel maybe, but not Shang. He says he hates it and he’s madami content to swim “like a normal person” as he puts it in that arrogant tone he sometimes adopts. Honestly, just because his dad’s an army captain, he thinks he can do what he damn well likes! He is so frustrating!

And yet, let’s face it, I still have a massive crush on him! Oh, I know that makes me sound like a swooning schoolgirl but I can’t help it! Earlier when I went up...
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It's been 3 months since I wrote this artikulo and things has changed in that amount of time so I decided to write it again, it's not a big update, a new couple is on the listahan and an old one has left. I would like to see you making crossovers of these pairs, I haven't seen any crossovers of any of the pairs and I don't want to be the only one that makes crossovers of these pairs, it's just a suggestion

5. Bambi & Lady
I pag-ibig these two very much both individually and as a couple. They may be deer and dog, but they would totally be a perfect couple, they are very similar to each other personality...
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(A short fanfic I wrote as a part of the Disney Crossover What If game)

The sun was bright and the sky was blue with only a few swirly white clouds dotting the heavens. On the back of Pegasus, Hercules and Phil were out on another mission. Another day, another call. Quite frankly Hercules was beginning to get a little bored with it, not that he would mention it to his coach. He sighed and leaned back on Pegasus, staring at the sky.

"So what is the mission this time?" he asked, not really caring.

"Hmmm, just your standard D.i.D. Damsel in Distress," sinabi Phil as he scanned the scroll report. "Seems...
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