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 family <3
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for kristenfan 10109 because she gives me the idea to make this <3<3<3<3<3 now Jim is happy!!!
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Si Kagandahan at mga hayop
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Belle was woken sa pamamagitan ng the ringing of a kampanilya somewhere close by. “Oh!” groaned Meg, sitting up and stretching. “Of all the rooms to get and we had to get the one right sa pamamagitan ng the school kampanilya tower!”

Now Belle remembered; school. She was at school. She smiled as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Today she would start lessons with her newfound friends.

“Argh, my hair!” groaned Meg, attempting to smooth it down. It had gone pretty wild; rather like Medusa’s in the Greek legend, Belle had to admit. She stifled a giggle. Snow White hummed a merry tune as she pulled on a floaty...
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 “Belle! I didn’t realise...I...well...”
“Belle! I didn’t realise...I...well...”
The whole way home, Belle was quieter than usual; and even Lottie, who hadn’t known her as long as the others, noticed this. “You ok, honey?” she asked, ten minutos into the bus ride. “You’re very quiet.”

Belle roused herself. “Just thinking about something, Lottie, that’s all.”

“Ooh, nothing bad, I hope.” Lottie gave her an encouraging smile. “It’d spoil a perfect day!”

Belle managed to return her smile. “No, I think I’m just a bit worn out, that’s all.”

“Is it any wonder?” Meg looked over the back of her upuan at Belle. “After chasing around the beach...
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