One araw a new fairy came to Pixie Hollow.
She wore a long purple T-shirt and long purple boots made out of bulaklak petals. Her hair was brown, short and wavy.
Her talent? Animal: specializing in Birds
Room: has cloud/bird paintings
paborito possession: music boxes that plays bird songs

She was named punungkahoy ng mepl sa pamamagitan ng a fairy named Namee, whose talent was to name things.
She made mga kaibigan with: Harmony and Horten(music talent twins), Mirrah (a vain water fairy), Booker (a story-telling sparrowman who loves reading),Spring (garden talent), kendi (baking talent), Flint (fire talent), Vortex (fast- flying), and Clash (weapon maker).

She loved every minuto of her new life in such a tiny, beautiful world!