Disney Princesses are known for their beauty and good character. But they also have some bad sides, too. Most princesses have the same problem: disobedience.

- Snow White

Snow White shoos the birds

Snow White is sometimes too kind. She is not aware with the presence of the strange, old granny. Yes, she might think that the granny is an old peddler, and she can't resist to be nice to her. But, why doesn't she realize that there must something wrong about this granny because the forest mga hayop don't like her. mga hayop have instinct about something. Plus, Snow White forgets the dwarfs' warning to let nobody in.

- Cinderella

Depressed Sinderella

Sinderella has high dreams. But when she cannot make her dream come true, she becomes maasim grape. She says that dreams are useless before she meets the fairy godmother. Then, having her dream fulfilled makes Sinderella TOO ecstatic. After dancing with the prince, she becomes really crazy in pag-ibig that she does not remember that her step family does not like her. Then, she is locked in her bedroom, only crying helplessly. She even does not have the idea to tell her mice mga kaibigan to help her. It is the mice's initiative to help her.

- Aurora

Heartbroken and no spirit

Aurora never meets anybody except the three good mga engkanto in her entire life after she leaves her palace. Once she meets Phillip, she falls in pag-ibig with him. However, as the mga engkanto tell her that she's a princess and cannot pag-ibig the man in the forest, which is Phillip, she gets very devastated. She has no spirit reuniting with her parents. All she does after returning to the palace is crying. What? No spirit? As a result, she is bewitched sa pamamagitan ng Maleficent, follows what Maleficent says, and sleeps.

- Ariel

Ariel and Ursula

It is well known that this mermaid princess is strongheaded. She dares to oppose her father openly. She does not obey him, too. She forgets the important concert. She even goes to the seawitch only to fulfill her wish. Isn't that selfish? Afterward, her father must exhange himself for Ariel from the deal with Ursula.

- Belle

Belle hits the mesa

Belle is naughty and does not respect privacy. As a guest, she should obey the host's rule. The Beast has told her not to go to the West Wing which is his bedroom. But Belle, being forbidden, becomes curious about the place. She goes to the West Wing on purpose though she says that she does not mean any harm. She makes the Beast angry and then, she decides to leave the castle, not responsible to her promise of staying. Just fortunately, there is nothing dangerous in the West Wing so Belle is not injured.

- Jasmine

hasmin flirts Jafar

hasmin runs away from her palace. When she comes to the market, she instantly falls in pag-ibig with a kalye daga without knowing his background. What kind of princess is she? Cheap... Moreover, she is willing to halik her enemy! Her intention is to help Aladdin get the lamp, but still isn't that disgusting to flirt and halik Jafar? But still, Aladdin is suprised and distracted sa pamamagitan ng her halik Jafar that he does not take the lamp. Useless effort.

- Pocahontas

Pocahontas wants to leave the village with John

This high-spirited daughter of the Indian chief spends too much time away from her father that she does not know that her father thinks that the Englishmen are Indian's new enemies. Even Pocahontas falls in pag-ibig and spends a long time with one of them, Captain John Smith. Moreover, although her father told her to stay in the village, Pocahontas disobeys him sa pamamagitan ng going with John who comes to her village. Consequently, she is scolded and blamed sa pamamagitan ng Powhatan: "You shamed your father.... because of your foolishness, Kocoum is dead."

- Mulan

Mulan prepares for her disguise

Mulan is different from regular girls in her village. She has no perfect match according to the matchmaker. She wakes up late that she makes Little Brother the dog to feed the chickens. She does not remember what to say if she meets the matchmaker that she writes all down on her arm. She is messy. She brings shame to her family sa pamamagitan ng making riots in the matchmaker place. Not only that, she argues with her father about going to the army. Then she boldy disguises as a man to replace her father in the army.

- Tiana

Hardworking Tiana

Tiana is very dilligent and hardworking. But too much work is not good, too. She should learn to rest sometime to balance her life. Furthermore, at first, she does not realize that pag-ibig is the most important thing. Another bad thing is that she wants the restaurant so much that she is willing to halik a frog (Naveen) to get the money though she decides since young that she does not want to ever halik a frog. Trading halik for a dream, huh?

- Rapunzel

Too easy to hug a newly-met guy

Rapunzel desperately wants to go to the floating lights place. When her "mother" refuse to let her out of the tower, she deceives her mother about her wish of birthday present. In fact, she plans that her "mother" will be away for a long time so she can have time with the stranger who comes to her tower accidentally. Sly, huh? Moreover, she is cheap. Being afraid of rabbit, she jumps to Flynn, hugging him from back. A man she barely knows! She falls in pag-ibig with the thief right away without thinking that he is big, bad thief, chased sa pamamagitan ng the kingdom. She makes mga kaibigan with bad guys like thief and thugs. She's too naive. She does not consider what if Flynn harms her. (Just thankfully, Flynn is as silly (or sillier) as Rapunzel).