This is my ranking about the most beautiful wedding dresses, worn sa pamamagitan ng Disney Animated Females.

10.Maid Marian
Very simple but elegant wedding dress, Maid Marian looks very pretty. I pag-ibig the veil and it bumagay her very well (she usually wears a light kulay-rosas veil, but I think this white one fits her better).
I don't like the sleeves, they seems too large in some screenshots, and the collar, maybe it is a little 'old style'. It seems that the animators just left white her usual dress, it bothers me this lack of imagination.
Total score: 6/10.
Position #10 Maid Marian

9.Cinderella (First Wedding Gown)
I like the tuktok of this wedding dress, the seam between the sleeves is very particular. The puffy palda is a hint of a perfect ballgown. The white choker is simple, but it fits on the whole.
I dislike Cinderella's hairstyle! The veil is ok, but this kind of hood that covers her hair is really ugly. The seam between the tuktok and the palda isn't also very nice.
Total score: 6/10.
Position #9 Sinderella (first wedding dress)

8.Tiana (Bayou Wedding Gown)
I like Tiana's bayou wedding dress because is madami particular than the others. There are so many pretty details, like the bulaklak on the hips, the gloves or the tiara and the sparkle veil (moreover, I pag-ibig that the whole dress is so sparkly). I pag-ibig Tiana's make-up here.
However, I'm a little bit traditional about bridal toga and this one is too much green/yellow. It's madami a princess dress than a wedding gown.
Total score: 7/10.
Position #8 Tiana (bayou wedding dress)

A mix between a classic wedding dress and arabian style, very enjoyable. I like the skirt, it's very elegant. The lila bulaklak on Jasmine's hair make her very pretty, also the earrings.
The golden parts suit well on the skirt, sleeves, necklace, but not on the shoulder pad. They are too big, and so is the jewel in the center.
Total score: 7,5/10.
Position #7 hasmin

A perfect princess wedding gown,so sparkly and puffy. It's adorable! The ruffles on the palda fit perfectly on the whole and the neckline is very elegant. The accessories are gorgeous, too.
What I don't like about this dress are the excessively puffy shoulder pad and the sleeves that aren't connected to the whole. I can't understand if they are gloves or effectively sleeves.
Total score: 8/10.
Position #6 Giselle

Ariel and Giselle's dresses are similar, so they are near on my ranking, but I pag-ibig Ariel's one more, maybe because I dreamt to wear it for all my childhood! Elegant palda and neckline, I pag-ibig the green details and the beautiful golden tiara.
Except for the excessively puffy sleeves, this is the bridal toga I would wear at my wedding.
Total score: 8/10.
Position #5 Ariel

The animators did a great work with Rapunzel's wedding gown! The disensyo is full of gorgeous details, I was enchanted especially sa pamamagitan ng the back part (I'm talking about the zig-zag stitching on her back) This is the first time I enjoy the 3D graphic, because this dress looks so real.
I've never been tagahanga of Rapunzel's tiara. The veil is too long, but I think it symbolizes Rapunzel's Nawawala long hair.
Total score: 8,5/10.
Position #4 Rapunzel

3.Charlotte La Bouff
The firts time I saw Princess and the Frog I sinabi "A kulay-rosas toga for a wedding?! This is so...original!" I loved every centimetre of it! A typical dress that seems gone out from a fairy tale book.
I told I'm traditional about bridal gowns, but I can't despise something pink. However, I wouldn't wear it at my wedding.
Total score: 9/10.
Position #3 charlotte

Vanessa's wedding toga is beautiful, I can't understand how people prefer Ariel's one. The sleeves are perfect (finally!) and the underside enlarges gracefully. The lila ruffles fit elegantly on the whole, moreover this color fits to Vanessa very well, as the long veil.
The only thing I don't like are the ruffles around the neck, they ruin the harmony of the gown.
Total score: 9,5/10.
Position #2 Vanessa

1.Cinderella (Second Wedding Gown)
This is my paborito wedding dress because I pag-ibig everything about it!
A beautiful white tiara and a transparent veil are perfect together. The ribbons on her palda are very sweet. The neckline is so lovely and particular! The size is just right.
Everything is adorable, simply perfect.
Total score: 10/10.
Position #1 Sinderella (second wedding dress)