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posted by MusicMaker95
As every girl loves a hero, Disney's John Smith never failed to deliver. From his dashing smile to his wood wise knowledge, he has won the hearts of girls all over simply with his five bituin character. He'll give anything for his men, he won the loyalty and puso of an Indian princess, and he waltzes out of the movie with the promise of what's to come.
What makes the hero in John Smith shine? The fact that he can change his opinion about Pocahontas' people? Is it his sense of adventure? Or his bravery? His arrogant to humble change of heart? Or his stumble through pag-ibig and romance that captures your heart?
I found him perfectly enchanting. Though not my paborito Disney dude, he's my segundo for his charm and wit that far surpasses the silly pag-ibig struck princes of Sinderella or Snow White.