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10. Cinderella
Her character to me is dull and boring. She wasn't smart about any thing she did. She relied on mga hayop to make her dress, and she could have run away from her evil family and not had to be a servent. it's also unrealistic how she Nawawala her shoe and her foot is the only one that fits the slipper. She's ok just not great.

9. Aurora
I think that the only reason she is low on my listahan is because she has only 18 minuets in the actuall film. The movie was madami about Philip and the 3 good faries.

8. Snow White
She is nice and sweet but just too cherie. She is nice to everyone but is nieve. The dwarfs told her not to talk to strangers, and she talks to the reyna and takes the apple. Also she is only 14, she is too young to be living with a prince.

7. Belle
I know, I know, how could i hate belle? I don't know what but there is something about her that i just don't like. She is nice and all but she just doesn't appeal to my liking.

6. Jasmine
hasmin is stubbern and a little stingy. "i am not a prize to be won!" that's a little rude but she is standing up for what she believes in, and i admire her for that. i also pag-ibig the fact that she wears pants and is the only disney Princess to halik a villian.

5. Tiana
I pag-ibig tiana! She is independent, quirky, and fun. she is not your typical disney princess, and that's what i like about her. she has a job, and knows that the easy way is not allways the way to go. she only gets into trouble when she kisses naveen when she knows that she isn't a princess.

4. Mulan
The only thing keeping Mulan from getting higher on my listahan is because she isn't technically a princess. she wasn't born royal, she didn't marry a prince (almost in the segundo film). but that doesn't keep me from putting her high on my list. she really cares about family and knows that good things don't come easy.

3. Rapunzel
She is definetly the spunkiest of the princesses, living her life in a tower keeps alot of energy from escaping. i don't like how she was never rebelious untill she met flynn. once they get along they have made sacrafices, like flynn stops trying to get his satchle back asap witout keeping the deal, and rapunzel finally lives her life.

2. Pocahontas
The only princess to be made after a real person. some may beg to differ that pocahontas is not a princess, but she is! her father is chief of the tribe which is no different from a king that rules a kingdom. her daring actions to make peace between her people and the English allways makes me want to do something similar. you may wonder why she is at the tuktok of my list, but my #1 princess is.....................

1. Ariel!
what's not to pag-ibig about Ariel? she is sweet, adventerous, and determened to get her prince. she is also the only disney princess to be a mythical creature. her fiery red hair, green tail, and purple seashells makes me wish i was her. and to think she was originally going to be a blonde!

Thanks for pagbaba this article!
    Princess gisantes stood in the wedding gazebo susunod to Prince Bartholomew, with all eyes on her. She knew that everyone was waiting on her to say "I do" and make the union official. Come on, Pea, she thought to herself...Two simple words and everything goes back to the way it was. You've been dreaming all your life of marrying a handsome prince and living happily ever after in a beautiful castle. Now all you have to do is say the word and it's yours. You can have what you envied from all the other girls you've met. You'll be blissful and merry like that flat-chested princess...
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posted by princesslullaby
So back in my junior taon of high school I was obsessed with Tigi Bedhead Products.
 Bedhead products.
Bedhead products.

These are bedhead products. Me and my friend used to be obsessed with hair and obsessed with Bedhead's stuff. We bought their products with ferver. I made a checklist of all the stuff I needed to get. I got close to having the whole collection. Sadly, but probably better for my mental health, I am no longer obsessed with their products like I once was, though I do use some of their stuff still. One araw I was bored in one of my classes and decided to write a tribute to Bedhead Products....
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posted by DreamyGal
 Can you stay forever?
Can you stay forever?
9. Mulan
Mulan is strong willed and full of spirit. Disguising herself as a male soldier to protect her Father, she sets out on a great journey of self discovery and of knowledge. Meeting many interesting characters along the way, she falls for her Captain, Li Shang. Later on they discover she is a woman, but she surprises them all sa pamamagitan ng making a comeback and defeating the Hun army in the end. The ending to her story is kind of a let down. Although Shang does follow her home, there’s no sense of passion between them. No romantic halik or riding off into the sunset for these two. Voters didn’t...
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posted by Athiya
As you can see from my icon-avatar-thingy, I just adore Belle from the bottom of my heart. Why? Oh, only a hundred reasons! But, to make it short, I'll listahan just a few. :D

I. She Loves Books
Obvious enough. The first couple of scenes of the movie, we could see her talking enthusiastically to the baker about a story she just read. Then, she proceeded to go to the bookstore and borrowed (or as it turned out, given) a book that she read all the way to her home.

Now, this gave positive remark to all young girls out there that they should read and be imaginative like Belle. After all, I, who fell...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    With repetitive thuds, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, LeFou, and Lady Tremaine’s daughters and Pusa fell onto the book. But they were not on the book anymore. They seemed to be trapped in the book pages.
    “Mother, why do you have to take us down here?” Anastasia moaned at Lady Tremaine.
    “Because,” Lady Tremaine declared with an instant grin. “Down here is where the reyna of Hearts lies, and we can take over Wonderland with an invasion of her kingdom, and even if she has the slightest possibility of resistance, Gaston has...
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 hasmin as Pocahontas. Lineart sa pamamagitan ng Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring sa pamamagitan ng me on FotoFlexer
Jasmine as Pocahontas. Lineart by Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring by me on FotoFlexer
You voted and you got it! Here's my take on what the pelikula would be like if hasmin and Pocahontas switched places. I'm not sure if I'll continue, so comment on what you like or don't like.

Switch #1: Pocahontas and Jasmine

Let us immerse ourselves in a world where trees can talk, carpets can fly, and genies dance and sing. It is in this world that we find two princesses very different from each other, separated sa pamamagitan ng time and distance. This world is about to face a drastic change, although nobody knows it. Because those two princesses are about to switch lives, switch stories, and they won’t...
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We all know that each Disney princess is beautiful in her own way. And to ensure the beauty of the female leads, animators often drab down while designing the female co-stars to help the leading lady shine. Let's see who fanpop's Disney Princess fans voted from least pretty to prettiest supporting character in a princess film. For those wondering, the qualifications for being a supporting character were you had to have a line in the film and contribute to the plot somehow which is why only the two of Ariel's sisters that tell Triton that Ariel's in pag-ibig were counted.

9. Anastasia (Cinderella)...
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For sure, all Disney’s girls have amazing hair, but some are better than others. Here they are in order voted on fanpop:
 Cute, black and short
Cute, black and short

9.Snow White: last as always. People don’t really like her hair “black as ebony tree” probably because of its shortness. Although cute, her hair can’t really compare to others because there’s not much to do with, can’t make any hairdo of it, it can’t float on wind and it always looks like mass of something, not hair.
 Blond-brown with bangs
Blond-brown with bangs

8.Cinderella: Another girl with short hair. We never really figured out is her hair brown...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
Sinderella and Belle handed Cogsworth their dishes, and then Cogsworth promptly began to clean up with Lumiere. The two then headed upstairs where they found hasmin now wearing a poor person’s outfit, though her hair belied her appearance. “Do you have any madami clothes?” hasmin asked Belle. “My clothes aren’t really suited for the cold climate.”
    “Let me get them,” Belle replied, but Sinderella interrupted, “No, let me. Where are they?”
    “At the end of the hallway,” Belle answered back. As Sinderella began to head down the...
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posted by DreamyGal
I must find a way to be with him.
If I can’t have him, my world will always be grim.
No one I know will understand.
They all hate the land.
But it’s all I can ever think about.
I would pag-ibig it up there, I have no doubt.
Especially to be in his arms,
Getting Nawawala in all of his charms.
Only then will I be satisfied.
Knowing that from now on it’s with him I’ll reside.
I long to be in his arms and to dance!
And find myself in a lover’s trance.
I must find someone who will help me with my plea,
Until then I will be miserable under the sea.
posted by disney_prince
This isnt official this is just my own prefrence on some of the un-official disney princesses

1 Disney Princess
1.1snow white -Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes
1.2cinderella -Cinderella
1.3aurora -Sleeping Beauty
1.4ariel -The Little Mermaid
1.5belle -Beauty and the Beast
1.6jasmine -Aladdin
1.7pocahontas -Pocahontas
1.8mulan -Mulan
1.9tiana -The Frog Princess
1.10rupunzel -Rupunzel

2 Disney Extended Princess
2.1alice -Alice in Wonderland
2.2wendy -Peter Pan
2.3tinkerbell -Peter Pan
2.4eilonwy -The Black Cauldron
2.5esmerelda -The Hunchback of Notre Dame
2.6megara -Hercules
2.7jane -Tarzan...
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posted by dee389
 Loving them!!!
Loving them!!!
Hi guys, I decided to write another review on nagyelo again after the first one was short, I also attempt to sound frank and straightforward than my first one. Here we go:


The scenery reminds a lot of Tangled, except for the fact that it's set in Norway and it really brings a great introduction to Scandinavia through a Disney movie. That I would pag-ibig to go to Scandinavia, not just Norway.
I'm really happy that Arendelle is set at as a countryside near the sea and the mountains that it reminds me of my time in Salzburg, Austria. As it brings pleasantness and joy to it.


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added by Winxclubgirl202
Source: Facebook
added by Winxclubgirl202
Source: Facebook
I wrote this because I was feeling walang tiyak na layunin and strange. Plus my mga kaibigan were like "We are geniuses, post this online." So I was like "this is pointless...but ok." So here is my pointless little blurb of weirdness.

Teacher/Mr.Moore: Ok class lets get down to business. I know you had a fun snow break but it's time to focus. today we will be baking muffins, we will follow the basic recipe but feel free to elaborate and make the muffin flavor of your choice. Come back to my class after school to finish the muffin project and be graded. Failure to complete this assignment will receive an F test grade....
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added by Bridget_J
One of the songs from nagyelo that was cut, but I loved it so much because it showed the relationship between the the two sisters.
disney princesses
Aw that kid who is obsessed doh like....uh
let it go
posted by THEDisneyFreak
 She and Snow White could be the most underrated to me
She and Snow White could be the most underrated to me
Here is the problem with most people on Merida: she's selfish and wanted to change her mom. I can agree with that yes, but she changed and genuinely apologized in the end. Now I'm not going to bring up Ariel, they are very different but comparing them makes me look desperate. You're free to disagree, we all have opinions.
Though yes. I'm aware an artikulo like this has just been written but the may-akda is fine with it, I've been Pagsulat this for the past two days.

I used to hate the idea of bravo and Merida herself. I thought there was no possible way she would become my paborito or beat Rapunzel,...
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posted by THEDisneyFreak
You are beautiful because......
You make the sun shine brighten

You are beautiful because
You make people jealous and tighten (Their fists)

You are beautiful because......
I'm doing this for you with really bad rhymes

Your beauty pays off ten dimes....?

You are beautiful because....
Alrighty, let's skip over this part, you get it already. This is sooo cheesy.

You are beautiful because......
I sinabi SO

Thank you beautiful people! *Get's booed*
No, seriously, pag-ibig you guys ;)
posted by PrincessVT
The princesses were painting one nail which was Rapunzel's idea. She sinabi it would be a good bonding idea.

Elsa was painting Merida's nail orange. "Meh... me ladies in waitin'n done better," Merida said

"Hi Cleo!" Everybody smiled and ran up to her. "Cleo meet, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocohantas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and last but not least Elsa," Sofia sinabi pretty proud of her knowledge of their names.

"Hi!" Cleo said. "Is that a fish?" Ariel sinabi looking at Bubble who was in Sofia's hand. "Yes and you are..." Bubble sinabi but due to the water they couldn't...
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