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10. Cinderella
Her character to me is dull and boring. She wasn't smart about any thing she did. She relied on mga hayop to make her dress, and she could have run away from her evil family and not had to be a servent. it's also unrealistic how she Nawawala her shoe and her foot is the only one that fits the slipper. She's ok just not great.

9. Aurora
I think that the only reason she is low on my listahan is because she has only 18 minuets in the actuall film. The movie was madami about Philip and the 3 good faries.

8. Snow White
She is nice and sweet but just too cherie. She is nice to everyone but is nieve. The dwarfs told her not to talk to strangers, and she talks to the reyna and takes the apple. Also she is only 14, she is too young to be living with a prince.

7. Belle
I know, I know, how could i hate belle? I don't know what but there is something about her that i just don't like. She is nice and all but she just doesn't appeal to my liking.

6. Jasmine
hasmin is stubbern and a little stingy. "i am not a prize to be won!" that's a little rude but she is standing up for what she believes in, and i admire her for that. i also pag-ibig the fact that she wears pants and is the only disney Princess to halik a villian.

5. Tiana
I pag-ibig tiana! She is independent, quirky, and fun. she is not your typical disney princess, and that's what i like about her. she has a job, and knows that the easy way is not allways the way to go. she only gets into trouble when she kisses naveen when she knows that she isn't a princess.

4. Mulan
The only thing keeping Mulan from getting higher on my listahan is because she isn't technically a princess. she wasn't born royal, she didn't marry a prince (almost in the segundo film). but that doesn't keep me from putting her high on my list. she really cares about family and knows that good things don't come easy.

3. Rapunzel
She is definetly the spunkiest of the princesses, living her life in a tower keeps alot of energy from escaping. i don't like how she was never rebelious untill she met flynn. once they get along they have made sacrafices, like flynn stops trying to get his satchle back asap witout keeping the deal, and rapunzel finally lives her life.

2. Pocahontas
The only princess to be made after a real person. some may beg to differ that pocahontas is not a princess, but she is! her father is chief of the tribe which is no different from a king that rules a kingdom. her daring actions to make peace between her people and the English allways makes me want to do something similar. you may wonder why she is at the tuktok of my list, but my #1 princess is.....................

1. Ariel!
what's not to pag-ibig about Ariel? she is sweet, adventerous, and determened to get her prince. she is also the only disney princess to be a mythical creature. her fiery red hair, green tail, and purple seashells makes me wish i was her. and to think she was originally going to be a blonde!

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I've heard so many times that Anna is just another Rapunzel or Rapunzel 2.0, and I've really wanted to make an artikulo talking about how she's a unique character and what differentiates her from Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida. So yeah, let's get started! (By the way this is no way meant to insult the other modern Disney Princesses, just to ipakita how Anna is different)

Her Wanting To Be Loved

When you think about it, all of the modern princesses except Anna have either been against pag-ibig or haven't shown any interest in it. Tiana wasn't interested, Rapunzel never sinabi anything about it, Merida wasn't...
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 Looking good guys!
Looking good guys!
Well this be the princes princecatcher93 has caught to keep or let go. (Tell me if I didn't make that sound like a fishing ipakita or something?)

10: Eric
If you know me well enough you know I really HATE PRINCE ERIC!!! I'm going to TRY TO KEEP MYSELF CALM WHILE I WRITE THIS!!! I really don't see what the big deal is over this guy. I felt like he's the middle of the princes, not underdeveloped like the classic three but not amazing and has a great personality like every prince after him. He's just there! My whole childhood I could name all the prince but him because he wasn't anything really to...
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I thought it would be good to see in which order are nakaraan hairstyles eliminated. I would specially like to thank to all people who were voting, because we had some issues, like rigging and that, so I have to redo half of this, but I hope that results are almost fair

40.Mulan’s soldier updo:
“It's not pretty, she looks like a guy which is kinda the point” (KataraLover)

This hairstyle was eliminated with 50% among 40 other hairstyles in the first round. No wonder, I mean, look at it

39. Ariel with hat:
“She looks like Icabod Crane” (founten)

Some people don't even remember...
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