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posted by rhythmicmagic
Other than Disney, my big fandom is Harry Potter. I generally sort people into houses, so I thought it would be fun to play Sorting Hat with the princesses. My sorting isn’t just sa pamamagitan ng traits and house characteristics, but also a lot sa pamamagitan ng personality, so some of them might not make too much sense at first.

Snow White: Hufflepuff
I know, none of you expected it. Snow White in Hufflepuff, this is probably the biggest shocker in an artikulo of mine since I put Ariel’s pag-awit voice at the bottom of my list.
All sarcasm aside, is there really any other house for her? She is one of the most hardworking of the princesses. Snow White is always working. Sometimes she’s forced to, but even after running away, she works to make the dwarfs’ house look nice. Snow White is always optimistic. While it’s never stated in the series, I’ve always thought of Hufflepuff as the house of optimists. Snow White is kind, patient, and 100% Hufflepuff.

Cinderella: Ravenclaw
I know, she seems Hufflepuff through and through, but her personality seems madami Ravenclaw to me. Sinderella gets mapait about her situation and is angry with the Tremaines, which I don’t see a Hufflepuff doing. Also, Sinderella doesn’t work because she wants to. She only works when Lady Tremaine wants her to. Okay, so I’ve told you why she isn’t a Hufflepuff, but why is she a Ravenclaw? Cinderella’s reasons for staying are characteristics of a Ravenclaw to me. She stays because she sees it will be better in the long run. She shows foresight and that, to me, is a Ravenclaw trait. She shows judgment and wisdom. Sinderella also tells herself to stuff her feelings, and I think Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are houses much madami likely to wear their hearts on their sleeves. And she just seems like a Ravenclaw.

Aurora: Ravenclaw
Okay, hear me out on this one. Ravenclaws are imaginative. Aurora shows imagination when she acts out her dream with the animals. Aurora is also very dreamy, which, again, I think goes along with imagination. She has sort of created a fantasy, daydream world. Again, I think all this goes with imagination. She’s creative, too, which goes with her imagination, and is another Ravenclaw trait. What I think is the strongest evidence that she belongs in Ravenclaw is how philosophical she is. Really, she is. In the forest scene when she sings “I Wonder,” she is applying the actions of the birds to the actions of humans. Aurora thinks of things above the clear and concrete and in the abstract. I see Aurora as a Luna Lovegood-type Ravenclaw, imaginative and open to multiple lines of thought.

Ariel: Gryffindor
Ariel is between Gryffindor and Slytherin. She is Slytherin in as much as she has a goal and nothing will get in the way and stop her from doing it. But really, Ariel’s not cunning or especially resourceful in getting what she wants, so she’s definitely madami Gryffindor. Ariel is also too reckless to be Slytherin, but recklessness is common among Gryffindors. Ariel is impulsive and doesn’t look at the consequences or look at the bigger plan, all weaknesses of Gryffindors. Ariel is also very brave. Ariel saves Eric from the ship even though it means her life in danger. Ariel lets her puso rule her head. Even down to her hair, Ariel is pure Gryffindor.

Belle: Ravenclaw
Belle was either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She loves learning, which is as much a Ravenclaw trait as having innate intelligence. On the other hand, Belle is bravo enough to take her father’s place in Beast’s castle. She’s also most like Hermione of the series, and Hermione is a Gryffindor. But ultimately, her strongest traits are Ravenclaw traits. Belle is curious and doesn’t make judgments based on first impressions. She was willing to look past the Beast’s exterior into the goodness of him. Those are both strong Ravenclaw traits. Belle is knowledgeable (intelligent or not) and constantly curious about her surroundings. She always wants to know more, and is open-minded and does not make immediate judgments of people based on appearances or basic impressions, but instead looks to the character of a person.

Jasmine: Slytherin
hasmin is cunning and resourceful. She adapts well to every situation. She plays along with Aladdin in the market, able to change her plan on impulse, and works with the situation. She is able to understand how to pole hanay ng mga arko after watching Aladdin do it and knows when to use her power as princess against the guards. When Aladdin comes back to claim the lamp, hasmin creates a plan to distract Jafar sa pamamagitan ng seducing him, going along with his wish to make her fall in pag-ibig with him. hasmin seems much madami the type to pull strings to get others to do what she wants than the type to openly be in power. hasmin is very much a Slytherin.

Pocahontas: Ravenclaw
Pocahontas is definitely either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She is Gryffindor because of her daring and adventurous nature. She jumps of cliffs, etc., etc., we all know the drill. While Pocahontas may not have much scholarly intelligence, she is very wise, a characteristic of a Ravenclaw. Pocahontas understands the way to protect John and stop a war. She understands and is in touch with nature and the spirits, as well as understanding about the nature of people. Pocahontas also is open-minded, the ultimate thing, in my opinion that would keep Hermione from being a Ravenclaw. She understands many points of view and can accept those who think differently. She may be indecisive, but so is Cho Chang. She seems madami like Cho Chang and Luna to me, not the typical bookish scholarly Ravenclaw, but an abstract thinker.

Mulan: Gryffindor
Mulan is the most mix of the houses. Mulan would fit in any of the houses. Like a Slytherin, she is cunning and resourceful. However, Mulan doesn’t have much ambition, she doesn’t even know what she wants, so I’d say she’s not really a Slytherin. Mulan is the most intelligent of the princesses; she is analytical and very perceptive. She can find solutions to situations others miss, giving her Ravenclaw characteristics. However, I wouldn’t really say she’s curious or knowledgeable, nor would I say she has outstanding ability to understand and accept those of a different mindset. Mulan just seems like a Hufflepuff to me, I could just see her really fitting. Mulan is incredibly loyal. She is hard-working when it’s something she cares about, but when it isn’t (the matchmaker,) she slacks off. Mulan is undoubtedly brave, and there’s really nothing about her that is against Gryffindor I can see. Ultimately, what makes me believe she is a Gryffindor is that she has a hero complex. Not only is she bravo and selfless, Mulan truly has a hero complex- like Harry, she has a “saving-people-thing.” Think about how she risks the outcome of her matchmaking test in order to stop the matchmaker from drinking the tsaa with Cri-Kee in it. If there is a way for Mulan to stop anything bad from happening to anyone, she has to. She doesn’t just do it, she can’t help herself. That’s what makes Mulan a Gryffindor, despite her characteristics of every house.

Tiana: Hufflepuff
Tiana is either a Hufflepuff of a Slytherin. Interesting that they are often considered extreme opposites, but their characteristics (ambition and hard work) often go together. Tiana has huge ambition- when she dreams, she dreams big. Not only does she dream of having a restaurant, she dreams of having the best restaurant. She dreams of turning that old sugar mill into the nicest place in New Orleans. Tiana works hard to get her dream. She is truly unafraid of toil. Hard work is all she believes in. She is also true and honest in her attempt to get her dream. Tiana doesn’t give the talisman to Facilier, even though it would be easier. Tiana is uncorrupted in her business. She is just. Tiana is also loyal to her father in her determination to get his dream.

Rapunzel: Ravenclaw
No doubt about it, Rapunzel belongs in Ravenclaw. She works to educate herself despite her lack of resources, and enough that she is able to chart stars. She is logical and understands that she needs to have a guide in a land she doesn’t understand. Rapunzel is intelligent enough to devise a plan to get Gothel out of the house long enough to use her guide, once she finds him, and go see the lanterns. She is able to blackmail Flynn, and you have to be smart to do that. Rapunzel always wants to know madami and is very intelligent. She educates herself and is creative. She paints and sews clothing. Rapunzel is artistic and musical. Creativity is very much a Ravenclaw trait to me. Rapunzel is completely Ravenclaw.
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posted by breebree446
Here are the results of the Disney Line-up versions. I'm sorry about the delay...

The choices for link were between her blue outfit and her purple outfit. The blue outfit rained victorious.

It's madami royal looking, the other one is madami casual wear - firegirl1515

Well, I actually prefer hasmin wearing the blue one but in the line-up, I think she should wear purple because Aurora and Sinderella already have blue dresses - TigerRanma

The purple outfit is my paborito disney princess outfit - princesslullaby

I like both - pretty_angel92

There were three choices for link...
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While I was doing the youngest/oldest princess list, I was doing the sane fo rthe princes. I knew this listahan was going to be harder because most, if not all of the prince's ages were not mentioned in the film. But the producers who worked on the films, and Disney has confirmed some of their ages, which made this listahan easier. Some of the placings are not suprising at all, and others are.

All you have to do is look at him, and then look at the rest of the princes, and you will automatically tell that he is the youngest. He has this youthful appearance to him, and he is treated like a teenager...
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