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posted by MadameLee
I was on youtube recently link]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx1MmY1Bb50[/url][/url] (If you go down to the 60 replies). Someone thought Belle didn't have a job (and the triplets did) because she had enough 'free time to read and became delusional about life in 'poor provincial town' (not my words). The exactly wording of what the user sinabi was "I'm wondering that Belle are doing then even those triplets have their own jobs and responsibilities. Maybe idleness made her delusional? That life can be found outside of her town? " I pointed out that in historical speaking in those times women were only suppose to be able to read cookbooks or have recipes committed to memories and not read fairytales or something. that could cause 'women to start getting ideas'.

Then I asked him what kind of a job that the triplets did (and sinabi "lovely laddies" aka Les Miserables) . The guy replied they were getting water to either help take care of the mga hayop or to transport it to their dad (if there is a dad for them) so he could do it. That the movie showed that even the triplets hd 'responsibilities' but Belle didn't.

I then sinabi in my susunod comment that the only job I saw them 'doing' was usa over the town's jock (aka Gaston) and they had what I consider to be jasel clothing (Jasmine+Ariel) kind of costumes (not the word I want but think of words that people associated with 'witch' (female dog), someone who sleeps around a lot, etc.)hence they were rich.

It's hard for me to explain the susunod bit. The guy sinabi because of the way I interpreted the triplets that I view Belle as hardworking and that the triplets would probably be at the most, daughters of a rich merchant and since they're so spoiled that the family would have been hard-pressed to support the spoiled brats. So that means that the triplets probably did have a job.

At this point another guy mentioned that getting water wasn't a job and even if it was that the triplets were taking their own sweet time to do the job. Then asked why we were talking about the triplets.

The OP sinabi that we assumed Belle was working because we saw her 'feed' the animals' and that she wasn't portrayed as a madami dedicated worker then the triplets were. So that the conclusion was that we can't say that Belle was helping her father without also agreeing that the triplets would have to have responsibilities of their own and vice versa.

Then he got into the topic of the fact that he believes that Belle rejected a 'good' match (aka 'rich') in the hopes of something better. I pointed out to him that the issue here is that Gaston wouldn't allow any books in his house except cookbooks, and except her to be up from dusk to dawn cleaning,cooking and popping mga sanggol out (hopefully 7 sons). I can just imagine a couple of rules that Gaston puts down: "No books except cookbooks in my house", "You must only agree with my politics", "We can only have sons, no daughters" and "If we do have daughters they have to be illerate and only agree with me or their brothers' or husbands' politics."
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