The Brothers Grimm
Since I had written Hans Christian Andersen, now it is his German counterparts. The Brothers Grimm, I know that many of their stories are dark and sinister. But, I'm sure that Disney will know how to handle it!

1) The Twelve Brothers

Okay, this story is quite similar to the Wild Swans. It also has a happy ending and I kind of feel bad for the girl during the majority of the story.

2) Rumpelstiltskin

I bet you all know the story, and it was my favourite story of all times since I was young. The ending has several different versions, so it's up to Disney to decide!

3) The bravo Little Tailor

We all know that Disney had already made this many years nakaraan with Mickey and Minnie mouse in it, but I bet if Disney were to make a Disney Princess version of it. I don't mind at all!

4) The Riddle

A young princess must solve a riddle with a dramatic climax throughout the story for the prince himself.

5) The White Snake

This story is a little bit like Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. However, I really felt that Disney should make this story.

Team Grimm?

So, only 5 choices make it to the list.
The Twelve Brothers
A hairy giant?
The Riddle
The White Snake