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Today was the happiest araw of my life, not only did my handsome prince wake me up and I'm heading to my kastilyo but for the first time in my life I am safe. Even the dwarfs house I still was scared from my own step mother could be there. I had heard that she had died from killing me and that I was to take over.

As we walked sa pamamagitan ng prince Ferdinand sinabi " you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I pag-ibig you so much I would fight and die for you, you complete my heart. That wicked reyna stopped us from being together longer. So it would be an honour Snow White if you would marry me." The prince gave out a golden ring to me and I immediately sinabi "Yes of course I will. You saved me and I pag-ibig you. " We then kissed for a long time.

When the kastilyo servants heard and they were ecstatic we were getting married and relieved that my step mum was dead. The servants bowed down to us. One stood up, and sinabi " For years Princess Snow white you have had a life of sadness, bullying and a horror ipakita from your step mum, but don't worry you are safe. You deserve to be reyna and your king looks like a perfect husband for you." There was a loud applause from everyone as we both smiled.

A few weeks later I was in my shiny white dress and a golden tiara marching down a red carpet with the whole of the kastilyo servants, the 7 dwarfs and other people from the local town here to see me and my handsome prince, in a black suit with a white shirt. The vicar announced our vows and we were soon husband and wife, we kissed each other and made our way to our castle.

At the kastilyo a large crown was placed on my prince's head he was now king and my crown was placed i was now Queen. I then made my speech. " For years the nakaraan reyna has been giving you nothing but harsh laws including heavy taxes, unfair death penalties for the innocent and mga hayop have been killed for amusement. The slaves here including myself were bullied, insulted some even killed just because the reyna wanted to.
As the reyna I will be kind, generous, caring and will listen to any message you may have. I promise." There was a loud cheer from the crowd followed sa pamamagitan ng loud chants of all hail the king and Queen.

The dwarfs visited me, I kissed them on the head, even grumpy came. I sinabi I will visit you soon and they sinabi they would come back if they wanted to I sinabi they can. A young boy came to me gave me a bulaklak and sinabi " I wish I could give you madami for such a kind loving person as you are." He then started to bow and I sinabi to the boy " you don't have to bow, we will bow to you". We then bowed to the boy then everyone in the whole room did.

It was wonderful araw for a wonderful occasion, which concluded with me pag-awit someday my prince will come and the king pag-awit one song. I had forgotten all about my stepmother I think everyone had!
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uy guys! I've been meaning to write an artikulo about my paborito Princess wardrobes for a while, but there were two major problems. The first problem was that I didn't know where to place them, and the segundo problem was pure freaking laziness. But, I finally decided to stop being lazy, get my crap together, and write the list. Sequels will not be included, which sadly means I won't be including my paborito Rapunzel outfit, her wedding dress. And, oh yeah, Anna and Elsa will be included. Sue me. So, let's get started! *Note* Please excuse awful collages.

13. Ariel
I pag-ibig Ariel, but honestly,...
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