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"When you wish opon a star, makes no difference who you are..."

Wow....when you think about those lyrics you... well i dont know....i guess you have a realization.

If you havnt noticed before those lyrics send the message "No matter who you are rich, poor, whatever....your dreams CAN come true!"

Disney was giving us life lessons before we could even tell that they were helping us in life...every single movie has a message to remember all great and important and just plain beautiful.

They hid this stuff well underneath the cute music and the fun characters but watching when im older like now i catch the things that have honestly made me the person I am today.

Never once did i hear bad language in a disney movie, never once did i hear anything inappropriate either. This was the stuff that we grew up to that the kids of today arent getting the pleasure of doing.

Disney was a magical once....it still is but in a different sense.

Animation.was.thrilling! When i was little i wanted nothing madami then talking animals, and mga sirena swimming around. Animation brought me the imagination i have...it makes you belive that stuff is possible.

Disney Princesses were literally the people we looked up to, not hannah montana, no but Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, etc. Each girl was strong, respectful, honest. We all grew up to that! We looked up to chracters! But you know what...

Who cares?

Who cares that i used to imagine myself as Ariel and would swim in a pool and pop out of the water like she did. Who cares that for years i though animation was a part of reality and they were just living someplace else. Who cares if even now with how old i am i still enjoy popping in those old VCR tapes i still have when i feel like the world is falling apart.

Its because what disney had was....magic! It always makes you feel better, it always puts a smile on your face, no matter the ending or the story or the villian it was good no matter what! The characters will make you laugh when you feel like you wanna cry you cry with the characters when their loved ones die because you find your in pag-ibig with the characters too!

Have you experienced this with anything else? Had something like this had such an imapct on your life as disney did itself?....Do you believe that we were lucky enough to experience the magic? I am.
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Since I rewatched all of the DP pelikula from the Classic Era yesterday I decided to write an artikulo about what I think of each of them aswell as the princesses from the pelikula and a little bit about the other characters, my plan is to do this with each era as soon as I've finished watching all DP pelikula from one of the eras (Renaissance Era will be next)

Let's start with the movies:

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs:

As most of you know this is my paborito DP Movie, but it's also my paborito movie of all time, I pag-ibig pretty much everything about this movie, the animation is gorgeous, the songs...
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What would happen if Snow White really woke up and didn't know her prince. Would she pick him over her loving dwarves? What if he was a jerk?
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Eventually I will make a listahan ranking all the princesses, but for now, here are my 3 absolute favorites, what makes them different and why I pag-ibig them so much!

Obviously hasmin stands out from all the other princesses for her unique and sassy personality, but this is just one of many reasons I like her. She has no interest in the rich princes that attempt to court her, she knows who she is and she doesn't need a man to complete her.
She looks past the fact that Aladdin is a poor misfit (with bad hygiene, let’s be honest) and loves him for who he is, much like Belle learns to love...
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 bo peep you dirty girl
bo peep you dirty girl
Hey, so I've been on this club for about three months and I really thought it was about time to do one of these.

Where do you live? Northern Virginia, and in case people are wondering no one here has a southern accent.

Age? I turned 14 July 2nd. c:

Favorite Princess? Well, as of now it's about a three way tie.

Rapunzel: Rapunzel is amazing. I pag-ibig her transformation from a naive, young girl, into a strong woman. I also pag-ibig that she's a mix of the classic and renaissance princesses, some call it unoriginality, but I don't see it that way. Whenever she's on the screen I'm just captivated sa pamamagitan ng her...
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So many times have I heard that Disney Princess pelikula are for little girls who wish upon a fairy godmother, want to be rescued sa pamamagitan ng a handsome prince and live happily ever after. This is so not true and doubt all those who have opinions like this, if they have ever watched any DP movie seriously. So here's my 5 reasons why adults should consider Disney Princess pelikula as serious entertainment

5. Animation Art:
Any adult who have serious interest in animation art will not only enjoy the ever-evolving animation style from Disney studio but will find that animation in these pelikula are top-notch....
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Well, I've noticed recently, that people have been talking about the animation of the Disney Princess pelikula recently, madami so the difference between 2D and CGI Disney Princess movies, as well as some other things.

Most seem to think 2D is better. Well, madami than most, almost all actually. I too pag-ibig the 2D animation from the Disney Princess movies, it looks great, especially in some of the movies, however, I think people are starting to overrate the 2D movies, at least on fanpop.

Outside of fanpop, the matter is completely different. The CGI pelikula are loved and praised sa pamamagitan ng many, especially...
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Excuse that last high notes, please, after all, I'm not Anika Noni Rose, and I don't have her wonderful range. :)
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