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Merry Christmas, firegirl1515! I hope you enjoy this friendship fic with Ariel and Rapunzel. I know you have asked for Rapunzel/Flynn, but I hope this is all right. XD I am only really good at writing, unfortunately.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Here is your friendship fic with Ariel and Rapunzel!

“Oh, de king is going to make alimasag claws outta me when he hears dis!” the tiny red alimasag lamented. Sebastian trembled with fear as he imagined the sea king, Triton, with his classic disapproving look.

Flounder frowned at Sebastian's words. “He’s gone, Ariel. We should go back.”

Ariel sat on...
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posted by princesslullaby
My other articles:

ONE THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: Unlike the princesses, I actually like every single prince. So don't think that because your paborito prince is low I don't like him, I actually do. Also, before Pagsulat this list, I watched almost all the princess pelikula so I could formulate my decision. The only ones I didnt watch are Sinderella & Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, and in this case, I don't think it's necessary.

I'm aware this is a LONG article. If you're going to skim it, PLEASE at least read the paragraph below Shang's picture.

 "I didn't say it was Aurora....I sinabi I met the girl I was going to marry."
"I didn't say it was Aurora....I...
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I would just like to say, I think it would be a good idea to have this countdown every 6 months. Then we can notice patterns in favorites and such.

9. Snow White
First Countdown: 9th Place
Second Countdown: 9th Place
Change: None.

Well, I don't want to write a paglalarawan about poor Snow White, so I'll let another user explain:

"My issue with Snow White is the rumor that she is 13 years old, which isn't a big deal in and of itself, but she's pag-awit and pining for true love. Even though, once upon a time, girls did marry that young, that concept has always...
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posted by Onceuponadream
 Even beautiful in my sleep!<3
Even beautiful in my sleep!<3
Hello, Aurora here (let’s just totally set aside the idea that I am Pagsulat this)! Is your hair dull, lifeless, or damaged? Are you acne-prone, plain, or just need payo from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom? Or maybe you just don’t know your ABC’s? Well you have come to the right expert! Read on to learn how I make my golden hair bouncy, my face flawless, and keep all of the young men chasing me (even after my marriage to Phillip)!
A is for acne (EW)! So basically, every single person that has hit puberty has encountered acne, even me! The three steps to getting rid of problem...
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posted by disneygirl
 Sketches of Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, & Ariel
Sketches of Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, & Ariel
Alright, everyone else seemed to be doing one of these, and for a while I was trying to figure out the order of my paborito princesses. It wasn't easy. It'd be easier to ask me what my first and segundo paborito Disney pelikula are (Lion King and Lilo & Stitch) but even after that it would be hard cause cause then it's which Disney movie I like madami than another, which ones I didn't see and which ones I don't remember.... Oh right, we were talking about the princesses. How about we just ilipat onto the artikulo then? For the record, I don't curse and I blab - yes even when I'm typing. Hope you...
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posted by Straggy
 Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Everyone else was doing it, so why not?
Some people even say that they like my comments on things because they find it funny. Meh, whatever, I just say it how it is.
I think I'm going to start in the customary way, sa pamamagitan ng working from the bottom to the top.
Yes, I swear. Because I'm not 5. If you have a problem with that, then you really need to get off the Internet.

9) Belle
 Her looks have madami than one parallel.
Her looks have madami than one parallel.

Yes, Belle. I really hate her, in case you didn't get that yet. I hate her voice, I hate her songs, I hate her personality and I hate her clothes. She's plain and boring and I just dislike...
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posted by DreamyGal
Well, what can I say. I'm bored at work, and thought about Pagsulat a little bit about my paborito princesses, so here they are...

9. Mulan
I don’t hate Mulan; I just like the others better. I admire her for her bravery and strength. She sacrificed herself to save her Father; that’s pag-ibig people. My paborito line from her movie is “The greatest gift and honor... is having you for a daughter”. It is such a loving and powerful line.
 Who is that girl I see?
Who is that girl I see?

8. Snow White
Snow White is so innocent and sweet, how can you not adore her? I pag-ibig her sweet spirit and the fact that she keeps on...
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 hasmin as Pocahontas. Lineart sa pamamagitan ng Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring sa pamamagitan ng me on FotoFlexer
Jasmine as Pocahontas. Lineart by Mellasfenixxes on devientart, coloring by me on FotoFlexer
You voted and you got it! Here's my take on what the pelikula would be like if hasmin and Pocahontas switched places. I'm not sure if I'll continue, so comment on what you like or don't like.

Switch #1: Pocahontas and Jasmine

Let us immerse ourselves in a world where trees can talk, carpets can fly, and genies dance and sing. It is in this world that we find two princesses very different from each other, separated sa pamamagitan ng time and distance. This world is about to face a drastic change, although nobody knows it. Because those two princesses are about to switch lives, switch stories, and they won’t...
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So, I decided I don't contribute nearly enough, probably because I lose at everything. But despite the awfulness that is me, I still want to write madami articles. So, here are my opinions about Snow White. It'll be long, rambling, and I doubt any of you will read it all the way through, but here it is anyway. In the slim chance that anyone is interested.

MacytheStrange's Opinions On Snow White

To some people, Sinderella has always represented someone making the best out of a bad situation. For me, it's Snow White. She's only fourteen and she's made to dress in clothes that are falling apart (and...
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posted by princecatcher93
 You guys before the team games.
You guys before the team games.

1) If you signed up, please stroll down to one of the teams you signed up for, meet your teams and then vote on a leader (By Sunday).
2) If you still want to join, find one of the teams that is not full (It will be in bold if it's full) and comment or message me if you want to sumali that team and we will set you up
3) This was a first come first sever game or sa pamamagitan ng how often you come onto Fanpop. If you had hasmin as choice one and Belle at choice to and Belle's team only had one person who comes on every...
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In favor to our beloved princesses.....I present this solute.

Have you ever had a day...a bad day? *Emotional music plays* You think that is bad, huh? Let's take a moment...our beloved princesses have been attacked with diseases, terrible ones. They are extremely contagious, and have affected our little ones.

The Eye multiplication/remover: Ze Eyes

Now Ze eyes is a very rare disease, you can lose your eyes, or get them in walang tiyak na layunin places. But Snow White has been cursed with something even worse than you can imagine:COMBINATION

Bearded Woman

This has been one of the most affective out of...
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It's been discussed lately which princess is madami Mary Sue-ish. Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella... all these have been mentioned. I'm ashamed to say that I sinabi (that sounds strange) that Rapunzel was the most Mary Sue-ish princess (though I also sinabi there was a far marge from her to a Mary Sue).

I wish we would stop talking about which princess is the most Mary Sue-ish, because none of them are. In this artikulo I'm going to try and prove it. I'll listahan some flaws they have, and I'm going to name what I think is their fatal flaw. I'm dividing these artikulo sa pamamagitan ng era, because I need to...
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posted by THEDisneyFreak
 The most underrated of them all yet to me, the best
The most underrated of them all yet to me, the best
A lot of people call the classics Mary-Sues and I strongly disagree, and I have much evidence to prove that they are far from perfect. But hey, their opinion, I'll respect that. Here we go...

Here is why they are underrated

3)Need a Prince for rescue

They are feminine, yes, but that is not bad in any way. They are Mary-Sues? No way. They need a prince for rescue, they are capable of many things sa pamamagitan ng themselves.

Starting out with the first and my paborito out of the classics....

I think she is the most underrated out of all the princesses. In areas like beauty (she's...
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I just had this crazy idea - In the susunod months, I'll write a series of 8 artikulo (well, I'll continue only if you like them, of course). The first 7 artikulo will be about separate aspects of the DP pelikula (Score, princess, couple, screenplay, villain, sidekicks and animation/art), and in the final artikulo I'll make the average of the grades I gave the pelikula in each aspect and make my paborito DP pelikula listahan = )

The first artikulo is about the scores! Enjoy =D BTW, all the pictures I used feature my paborito song from each movie.

10. Cinderella - 7,0

It sure has a lot of nice songs –...
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posted by Jessikaroo
I've wanted to do one of these artikulo for about a buwan now, but I was too scared and didn't know the princesses well enough. Now, I've re-watched all of their movies, and finally decided. Here's my current line-up. It'll probably change when bravo comes out though. :D

10. Belle

I'm going to say this straight up. I HATE Belle. Soooo many things about her irk me, some things just plain peeve me out. For one, she is not intelligent simply because she reads. She reads fairy tales! Not that I can blame her, because they're great, but I hate when people assume she's the smartest just because...
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Users have been picking their least paborito character for each round. Thank you to all of you who took part in this countdown! So here are the results:

19. The Matchmaker
 Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
I was so surprised this stern lady or man left first... yeah not really. Nobody liked her because she is the most loathsome character in the movie and she isn't truly important to the plot to begin with.

''I could see the movie doing very well without even exposing the audience to the matchmaker, let alone her snobbish, inconsiderate tendencies. Mulan...
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Here's the first artikulo for the Best Disney Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 41 to 55. Enjoy!

55. Ariel - rags

Yeah...rags... What madami could I say...they definitely deserve to be at the bottom of the list!

this is one of the uglier ones, imo. - ppgbelle4

this isn't even an outfit. seriously, it needs to go -__- - pretty_angel92

we can't call this or Mulan's towel an outfit ! seriously ! - CuteDiana

I like Ariel's rags. It's one of her better outfits, and she knows how to work it. - VGfan30

It's just an old sail!! - random_camo

all of them arent too bad if you think about...
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This buwan it's been 3 years since I joined Fanpop and what better way to celebrate it than sa pamamagitan ng listing up my paborito DP Dance Scenes, I would've liked to write my paborito Disney Princess listahan or any other listahan that I've written, but that I could update, but I decided to wait until after Merida's coronation so that I can include her too, also I've been wanting to write this listahan ever since I wrote my first article, so here we go :)

10. Ma Belle Evangelie

I pag-ibig the lightning that sinag uses in this scene and the song is quite nice and I forgive this scene for that Tiana and Naveen are frogs...
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posted by MegaraRider
I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I've become quite tired of everyone bashing the earlier princesses and saying they're bad role mga model for girls. Personally, I think parents shouldn't be relying on fictional, animated characters to be the role models... but that's a whole different issue altogether. In this artikulo I want to address the common complaints towards the princesses: waiting around for/needing a man, not being independent, etc...

Snow White:

I want to start with a reminder that Snow White is only 14-years-old. Face it, her story is no different than any other 14-year-old...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Congratulations for being January's tagahanga of the buwan hajirah4! I noticed you like to voice your opinions so I'm going to ask why in every tanong haha.

1) How does it feel to be tagahanga of the month?
It feels great. Even though i'm thankful, i'm quite surprised. A lot of the times i'd vote for the ones who I thought deserved it, and i'm surprised (but thankful) for people to choose somebody like me :)

2) Who is your favourite princess and why?
Ariel. When I was little I loved mermaids, and I always thought for the character (when I would read the book) to be very calm and peaceful, but when I saw...
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