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It has been discussed enough...and why is that " if it makes her human" which I strongly disagree with, because most people know that being selfish is a bad thing. The Prince was turned into a Beast because he was " cruel selfish and unkind" and those three traits go together. People in general are not selfish-if they are its a big turn off, and Ariel is not selfish, she wanted something madami out of life , something that we all have wanted. And she does care about her family and learned something in the end, she learned that she should probably not be so trusting, you see that in the sequel-...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I just got done Pagsulat an artikulo on my paborito soundtracks, and I wanted to do one strictly on my paborito scores, because that listahan is different. Music is very powerful. It can alter your emotions. It can make you feel happy, or even make you feel depressed and want to cry. I did a research paper back when I was in high school on this very subject. Anyways, on to my list...

10. The Princess and the Frog

I know, I know...BIIIG surprise with this coming in last place. Poor film seems to ALWAYS come last on my list! I'm just not a big fan. It lacks a lot of emotion, and magic in my opinion....
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Hello, everybody! It's been a long time since you last heard of me (some complications with writing) but - here we are.

Today we'll talk about my paborito DP's hair - no, not hairstyles, hair. Without further ado, let's get started!

14. Anna

I don't hate her hair, I just don't find it interesting - nothing attracts me in it. I don't care for the color or that white strip, and she has a awful bedhead. The only thing I like is that cute fringe.

Oh, and for the record, I don't think it would look any better loose.

 Pouting won't get you any higher, sweetheart.
Pouting won't get you any higher, sweetheart.

13. Merida

Unlike most of you, I'm...
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 Only One can stand above the rest!
Only One can stand above the rest!
I'm going to try to make this short and to the point! So enjoy, and please leave a comment!

#10 Belle
 The Beauty that fell in pag-ibig with a Beast
The Beauty that fell in pag-ibig with a Beast

When I was little I used to really like Belle, my sister is just like her, but then as I grew up I realized Disney made Belle with like no flaws she seemed perfect! I think flaws are what makes a princess, and over coming them make her the best person she can be.

#9 Snow White
 The One who started it all
The One who started it all

Now don't get me wrong I pag-ibig Snow White, she's cute, kind, is great with animals, and has a good sining voice, and I pag-ibig how she has short...
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posted by BelleAnastasia
*** Gusot SPOILER ALERT***

Ok, I haven't written an artikulo in a couple of months, so I decided I might as well write one now. And the best topic I imagined to be my paborito scene is each DP movie. So enjoy :)


My paborito scene is the one, where the dwarfs are rushing towards their house in order to save Snow White from the Queen, while in the same time the hag and Snow White talk about wishes and apples. I find this scene really amazing, because of all the action and all the emotions: dwarfs are scared that Snow White might be harmed, Snow White is enchanted...
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posted by princesslullaby
In this artikulo we wrote about Megara's opinion on the princesses with her personality at the END of the movie.
This artikulo was written collectively by: princesslullaby, diluka96, DreamyGal, cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Doggy

Megara would think Aurora is the typical air-headed pag-ibig obsessed blonde girl that she's trying to avoid. I t would bother her that Aurora is so sensitive, that she just started crying when mga engkanto told her she has to marry prince. Aurora might remind Megara of the girl who estola her boyfriend away.

9.Snow White
Megara would find Snow White too perky-positive,...
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This buwan it's been 3 years since I joined Fanpop and what better way to celebrate it than sa pamamagitan ng listing up my paborito DP Dance Scenes, I would've liked to write my paborito Disney Princess listahan or any other listahan that I've written, but that I could update, but I decided to wait until after Merida's coronation so that I can include her too, also I've been wanting to write this listahan ever since I wrote my first article, so here we go :)

10. Ma Belle Evangelie

I pag-ibig the lightning that sinag uses in this scene and the song is quite nice and I forgive this scene for that Tiana and Naveen are frogs...
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With animation a current “hot topic” on here, I thought I’d post my listahan of personal favorites. These pelikula are all just pieces of art, and I definitely think the animation has been overlooked on this spot! These are all just my opinions on what I like and dislike, and I should probably stop rambling and get on to the list!

10. Tangled
I’ll admit, I don’t like CGI animation as much as I like traditional animation. Also, I’m not an “art person,” art galleries bore me, and I think people who aren’t “art people” have a much harder time appreciating something as a piece of...
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posted by Jayden-G
Everything that was done on this artikulo was done sa pamamagitan ng GreatLance_30; I am only typing it for him/her. Since the Princess of the buwan was such a success, we wanted to do Prince of the Month. To be completely honest, the results are not really suprising.

10. Charming (283 points)

Charming and Prince are always the bottom two in every list; best looks, most heroic, etc, but Prince was generally liked madami than Charming, which is why he is dead last. There was practically no positive comments about him except that he is better and madami likeable in the sequels. What people (practically everybody)...
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 Full Lineup
Full Lineup
Hi! I've been a part of Fanpop for a little over two years and I realized I have never written this kind of artikulo before. I know this is an artikulo that people normally write when they first join, but oh well. Anyway, I've decided to write it now and I hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to express your opinion, but please do so in a mature and considerate fashion. Lets begin!

13. Merida
I think Merida is madami cute then she is pretty and she kind of looks funny from the side view. Her mother is pretty than her, but I think Merida has very beautiful eyes. Her eyes are blue (my paborito color)...
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posted by Beauty230405
I will be adding some non-princesses to this list!

15- Merida- Sorry to say this guys.. but I find her hideous. I find no beauty in her at all. She's weird looking. Especially with the animation she is in. To the people who like her I'm not saying anything bad about her I'm just stating my honest opinion so please don't get offended.

14- Kida- I find absolutely nothing appealing to her. I always thought she kind of looked like a man. She also as white hair and weird eyes.. how i that beauty? Again, just my opinion no hate.

13- Rapunzel- I just think they could of done better.. I don't like the...
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posted by dclairmont
 "I wish for rainbows and lollipops, ooh, ooh, and for Grumpy to like me!"
"I wish for rainbows and lollipops, ooh, ooh, and for Grumpy to like me!"
Snow White is amazing! Just recently she moved up to number 2 on my listahan (Though my tuktok 4; Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow, and Tiana, are all basically tied) and I thought that I should make an artikulo about why I pag-ibig her which I've already done for Tiana and Aurora. I hope you enjoy :)

Snow White hasn't always been at the tuktok of my list. When I first joined Fanpop, she was in the middle and she started slowly drifting down, at one point all the way at 9th! Though after watching her movie I've realized how much I pag-ibig her. Snow White isn't the most realistic character. Well, actually she's probably...
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I know that this is common on this site, but I feel like my Disney Princess ranking is a must. Merida, Anna and Elsa are included, and I don't usually see them being include in these.
To make things clear, there are times where I like every Disney princess. I dislike one, am okay with two, really like four, and absolutely adore six.
I try to balance out my descriptions. I tried to talk about the characters' good qualities because I just hate it when you read rankings that just sound like complaints, but I had to address their flaws as well so that readers could understand my reasoning.
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So pangkalahatang the reaction to the princess redesign has been very positive. Minus a few cons I will discus.
I want to talk madami about the subtle things the creators have put in which makes them special. So I put together this little review of the new designs
Keep in mind these are designed mostly for children's merchandise therefore yes the designs stray a bit from the original and the mga kulay may seem too bright but these are for sales purposes. So I won't be criticizing the parts put in for sale designs
(All larawan at the bottom)

So lets start with Snow White:
Pros: Her face looks very pretty but...
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posted by awkwardanna
Pocahontas and John Smith
-smacks Disney- NO HISTORICAL ACCURACY GOSH GO AWAY and er, I just really saw no chemistry or pag-ibig between them.

Ariel and Eric
I felt like their pag-ibig was quite shallow, like she was all like "Dayum, he's fine. Lemme become human so I can halik that boy!" and while he was kind, and she witnessed it, I just didn't feel it was real.

Snow White and The Prince
This is basically again because of a lack of chemistry. I found it quite heroic that he saved her, but she was like, what? 14 (I think)? So I always was a little uncomfortable with that.

Jasmine and Aladdin
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I haven't seen an artikulo like this yet done before.

I pag-ibig browsing through old Fanpop artikulo and pagbaba other people's paborito Disney Princess lists. One thing I realized is that pagbaba why someone else loves their paborito princess makes me pag-ibig that princess even more! So I thought, why not combine all of these positive opinions together, like a convenient one-stop shop? All heard from their #1 paborito fans themselves.

The way I did this was snooping through old Fanpop and pulling out passages from each person's article. Tbh I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to do this?

Sorry if I didn't...
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The classic princesses are the heroines of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Sinderella and Sleeping Beauty. This 3 pelikula were made between 1937 and 1959, and they are the only "official" princesses made sa pamamagitan ng Walt Disney.

In the kamakailan years we have seen an evolution on the female characters after them, but are they really as bad as they seem? They aren´t.

The 3 pelikula were made when women had less rights than men, and it was obviously a different mentality, but that doesn´t mean the characters itsef are sexist, they just live in sexist societies.

Snow White: Many people criticize Snow White for being...
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 Hello Maleficent.
Hello Maleficent.
Hi guys, an idea had struck me on Pagsulat this article. It is a comparison between Wicked and Maleficent, are you ready?

The Story

Although the film is like Wicked, but Maleficent is a darker and Gothic version of Wicked. Mainly because of how the film is portrayed.
Whereas Wicked is madami lighter despite that it has some darker approach at some point of the film, so I would not label it as Gothic.

The Characters

Princess Aurora is very much like Glinda, because the 2 protagonists are optimistic and blonde-haired! They tried to persuade the 'Villain' (both Elphaba and Maleficent) to be good.
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: nagyelo is not owned and created sa pamamagitan ng me.

A taon after they had a prank battle at a faraway city Anna and Elsa were at the same city again. They did some madami trade business.

Princess Anna sinabi "Do you remember the last time we were here?"

Queen Elsa sinabi "Of course. It was a only a taon ago."

Anna giggled and sinabi "It was fun."

Elsa sinabi "But we got chased sa pamamagitan ng bees and Nawawala our pants."

Anna sinabi "Yeah. That was a great day."

Elsa sinabi "Well I'm glad that the Duke of Weselton isn't here this time."

The Duke of Weselton sinabi "I'm here this time." The Duke saw Anna and Elsa and sinabi "It's time for...
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 Favourite Spice Girl Members?
Favourite Spice Girl Members?
Now that I had done for the Backstreet Boys, now it's girl power with the Spice Girls! Ready?

1. Say You'll Be There

The 3 princes will sing this song to their respective princesses and it will be the perfect duet song for Snow White, Sinderella and Princess Aurora.

2. 2 Become 1

Ariel will definitely sing this when she saw Eric with Ursula in disguise as Vanessa, and knew that he could never return his pag-ibig to her until Ursula's plans are foiled.

3. Who Do You Think You Are?

From Belle's point of view, she thinks the beast is spoiled, rude and selfish. So she confronts this with the beast after...
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