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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Aurora was starting to get madami confident. After being scarred sa pamamagitan ng Maleficent, she had felt very uncomfortable with her appearance, and would refuse to go out in public, unless her face was covered. But she would still avoid people either way. She placed a lot of value on her appearance. But now she was madami confident. Her parents had convinced her to go out into public, without her face covered. She was worried. She didn't know how people were going to take this.

What if they hate me? Aurora worried.

"Stop worrying," Her mother told her.

"How did you know I was worrying?"

"Pretty obvious, Aurora....
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I pag-ibig Aurora
Today I'll focus on why I love Aurora
Today it's 5 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 5th paborito DP aswell as the POTM Aurora and why I pag-ibig her
Previous artikulo in the series:

Even though Aurora has been moving down my listahan a little bit lately I still pag-ibig her very much

I pag-ibig her kind of suspicious look when the mga engkanto are planning her birthday party, she seems to sort of know what they're up to

I pag-ibig how dreamy she is, she almost constantly talks about the prince she met in her dreams, this leads me to something else that I pag-ibig about her, how femenine she is, she's basically a...
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Hello! I'm giving a very short tutorial on how to make an icon square (since I often saw many un-square icons). You don't need Photoshop or GIMP or heavy picture editors. Here I'm using link.

1. Click "Editor". Here you'll see a Photoshop-like layout.

2. Click "Open image from computer". Select your icon or any picture you want to make square.

3. Click on the "Crop" icon on the tuktok left of the panel. Choose "output size" on the "Constraint" dropdown. Enter 200 x 200 or whatever square size you want.

4. Drag the mouse over your picture. Hit Enter.

5. Don't forget to save your square picture!

There's a lot of hype surrounding Frozen. People are saying it's the Best Disney Movie Since The Lion King. The Best Disney Movie Ever.

There's no doubt Disney is in a Revival of sorts. They made mediocre dud after dud for about ten years, give or take, toward the end or after the Renaissance. (Depends on how much you pag-ibig some of the late or post-Renaissance films.)

However, I think the ridiculous hype surrounding nagyelo might cause people to have such ridiculously high standards for future Disney films, that no matter how good they are, if they aren't FLAWLESS, they're going to seem disappointing...
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posted by Annabethandco
A while back, somebody posted a pole asking if anybody thought Aurora and Odette were cousins. That got me thinking about all the Disney Family Theories I had heard over the years and I decided to write an artikulo about this. Remember, all of these are just fun theories. I don't believe any of them.

1. Eilonwy is Aurora's descendant

I don't know about you, but I have heard many theories about Aurora and Eilonwy being somehow related. Some say she's her sister; others say she's her daughter. Although this wouldn't make sense looking at canon information, it is easy to see how people think that....
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 Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
Some of the Princesses' wardrobes with a few others.
For the past ten weeks, I have been holding a countdown for the wardrobes of the Disney Princesses. This is my first artikulo and countdown so please don't judge! If you're ready, here we go!!!!!
11) Snow White
Yes, the princess that started it all also starts off the list. The main reason for this is most likely because she doesn't have a lot of outfits in her movie and the two dresses she does wear, some people say are childish and not super fashionable. In my opinion, this is one of the weaker wardrobes for I dislike her servant dress and I think her princess dress is okay (not a real tagahanga of...
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posted by misscindyspice
Before we start out, a big thank you to the 34 users that naisumite their lists! All of your opinions were integral in making this an accurate representation of the club’s collective thoughts.

11. Merida (Points: 273)
Sadly, though not surprisingly, Pixar's princess is still considered the least attractive of the DPs. Though a growing group of people have begun to appreciate her looks, most users sinabi that they didn't like her round face shape and lack of distingushable eyelashes. In fact, the only thing many people liked about her appearance was her long, curly red hair- though even...
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 Team Europe!!
Team Europe!!
Okay, like I promise, here are the European batch of Elsa and their performance on the song Let It Go! So are you ready? Here we go.

Catalan (Voice Actress: Gisela)

Ok, I'm not really a tagahanga of Catalan, well maybe because it's new and especially when it comes to Disney (or non-Disney) dubs.
Gisela has an amazing voice, so I'm going to give her a round of applause for her Catalan dubbing. (ratings: 8/10)

Italian (Voice Actress: Serena Autieri)

I really pag-ibig Italian because it's such a beautiful language, Serena's portrayal of Elsa is really extraordinary perfect. She nailed the song without auto-tune!...
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Hello everyone!
I'm ezilo25 and this is my very first artikulo on this site! I wanted to do something special, and since I have read the Grimms Tale in German my whole life, I wanted to do a comparison of disney movie adaptations and the Tales of Grimm. So, let's get started! Oh, and excuse me if I do grammatical
mistakes, I'm french, so please forgive me!


Oh, Cinderelli... I adore the Disney character, I am passionate about the animation movie, but I am in pag-ibig with Aschenputtel, the Grimms version of the Cinderella. Yes, I know, the movie is inspired sa pamamagitan ng the Perrault version, which...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I posted this on the Frizen tagahanga club while back and now I'm posting it here.

Everyone on here that knows pretty much knows how much I pag-ibig Anna and despise Elsa. I mean, I certainly like Elsa madami than I did when I joined in July, but I really hated her when I joined. So that's not saying much.

Right now, Elsa is twelfth place on my Disney Princesses as opposed to thirteenth place like she was when I first joined, while Anna made it to the top, instead of segundo place. So, both have moved up on my list, but Anna is still way in front of Elsa on my list.

It may not come as a surprise, since Elsa...
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posted by laylastepford
 Vincent van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
Vincent Van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
I pag-ibig art! I pag-ibig culture, history, music and I pag-ibig art. I have done some posts and presinto about the Disney Princesses in reference to music, culture and fashion but not art yet so I thought I would do that next. I like to think of the Disney Princesses as "cultured" young women who have manners, etiquette, decent universal knowledge and appreciation for the arts. So, in my theory of the Disney Princesses being cultured, albeit each at their own levels, here are the paintings that I think each Disney Princess would pag-ibig the most. (I could probably find a van Gogh for each of them as I absolutely...
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As KataraLover called me, I'm most definitely bi-polar with my beauty lists but hopefully this comes to an end... somehow. Anyway, let's give it a shot sa pamamagitan ng Pagsulat another prettiest Princess article. You know, it would be a lot easier if the Princesses were uglier. Please don't get mad because of my disorder to rank pretiness.

13. Merida

Props to Merida for being this unconventional beauty. Unfortunately for her, she is just not my type. Not to say that she is ugly, she has nice features but alas she hits rock bottom on my list. She has a nice body shape, however the shape of her eyes and...
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Snow White = About a lonely girl who is treated horribly sa pamamagitan ng her step-mother; she has decided to run away and she gets a job at a retirement home, one in which she meets seven old men who all were in a war together. They talk to her every araw and tell her their amazing stories. One day, she hurts herself badly and is asleep in the hospital bed. A boy from her old high-school comes and takes care of her when she wakes up, gaining the trust of the old men. He then works with Snow, helping the men and everyone else there.

Cinderella = She's been treated badly for her whole life, until she finds...
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As some of you know, I have a six taon old sister. Her name is Arika and she really loves Disney too! (tho she prefers Barbie!) I haven't done a collaboration with either of my sisters in a while, so why not do one with our favorites. c: I hope you enjoy!

13. Elsa

I do not like Elsa. I have been through this so many times that I kinda have outgrown saying it. I find her boring (outside of "Let it Go" and the ending scene.) I find her a tad selfish & she's just not my cup of tea. Take a chair that doesn't let anyone sit on it, give it ice powers, and BAM! Ya got Elsa.

13. Snow White
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I tried to express how I felt because I wanted to have a paborito Princes listahan so bad... I know people will disagree with my listahan but to each their own ^-^

11. John Smith
Believe it or not, I do not hate John Smith, not anymore at least. I actually feel bad for placing him here since he gets so much flack nowadays but I'm afraid the other Princes just appeal to me more. I do respect him, he has redeemable qualities and his several sacrifices are admirable. But his arrogant nature gets on my nerves, what is he so arrogant about? So cocky that he even assumes Pocahontas likes him. He is bland and...
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uy guys! Team hasmin is BACK! Last time we did an artikulo about ourselves and why we pag-ibig Princess Jasmine. But this time, we are ready to share our opinions of ALL the Disney Princesses, including the new ones, Anna and Elsa.

In the article, we combined each team member's opinions on each DP and wrote our pangkalahatang opinion.

Team Members


First we want to start with our opinion on each DP era.

Classic- The Classic girls were obedient, kind, and good natured. They were seen as good-willed and kindhearted, while having...
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 This stunning picture got Ariel her segundo best picture credit to ryky
This stunning picture got Ariel her second best picture credit to ryky
Previously on DNTM: Some mga model feel uncomfortable at a swimwear patakbuhan ipakita and Belle and Merida struggled but Merida was deemed the worst and was sent home. Only 6 princesses remain who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Rapunzel: Merida was eliminated and she was so funny. I wish she could have stayed.
 Rapunzel in the confessional
Rapunzel in the confessional

Belle: I was in the bottom two and was so nervous. I have to improve.
 Belle in the confessional
Belle in the confessional

Elsa: I had a great photograph this week. This means I am doing well.
Ariel: I had best picture! The judges see something special in me.
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
 Team Icon sa pamamagitan ng CRaZy_rawR
Team Icon by CRaZy_rawR
I just want to thank the other members of Team Pocahontas, zikkiforever, 324anna, purplerose17, and ShadowintheDark, for being really helpful to the team and being so quick to get everything in for this article! So, aye, here is our team's entry for the Disney Princess Team Games. :D

Paragraphs About Why We pag-ibig Poca


Pocahontas is a timeless, breathtaking character in both personality and looks. Her amazing connection with nature and the world is refreshing and brings something new to the Disney Princess lineup. She is energetic, adorable, and is such a great addition to the DP's....
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posted by egyptprincess7
It has been so long since I did an artikulo on here and I felt like it's time to do something and be a part of the DP community.
Anyways,this listahan might change after today so this would be a current list. So..don't be upset if your paborito movie is low.
I am also ranking them on animation,music and characters. So keep that in mind!~ (Also,no nagyelo on this list. I haven't seen the movie yet.)

10) Beauty and the Beast.
Now,the movie wasn't too bad. It was just really really dull. The characters were meh and I just didn't see any development. The animation wasn't all that bad but it could have...
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posted by curtains4
I noticed Papa had a cough about a buwan before his death. He'd been coughing and wheezing like a madman. My stepmother, Lady Tremaine, ignored it. I pleaded her to contact a doctor, but of course, she didn't want to listen.

So one day, I decided to leave the house in paghahanap of a doctor. I asked people around the village where I could find one, but nobody paid attention to a ten-year-old girl. I finally stood up on a barrel of dayami laying susunod to a horse and yelled, "My Papa needs help! Help! Help! Doctor! I need a doctor!!!"

Finally, a kind, old lady instructed me to Dr. Paul A. Olverman's...
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