Disney Princess Getting to Know Each Other Game!

nmdis posted on Jan 23, 2013 at 02:11PM
We had known each other for quite a while(some more some less). We know which DP character our friends love and we know which they hate,

Now it's time to take it to a new level!

This is how this game works:

I will ask a questin about the user,for example..

Me:Do you have any pets?

Then the one who sees that will answer the question and add his/her own question..

User1:Yes,i have a dog named Spikes. :)
What's your real name?

Then the next person will answer his/hers question and add another one again...

First Question : Who is your favorite Singer?

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27 days ago BB2010 said…

Friends or How I Met Your Mother?
25 days ago mhs1025 said…
How I Met Your Mother.

Do you have any holiday traditions you have just for yourself?
25 days ago BB2010 said…
For Halloween I do 13 Drawings of Hallloween for the last 13 days of October

same question
25 days ago nmdis said…
On Holi (Indian festival) I make one of my favorite side dish called Dahi Vada and I love it, now I can make it any day but my mom always makes it on Holi and I have kind of taken that tradition.

Same question.
25 days ago deedragongirl said…
Wesak Day

Favourite Lily James film?
25 days ago MaidofOrleans said…
Cinderella. I haven't seen many of her films.

How do you deal with stress?
25 days ago mhs1025 said…
By distracting myself with my interests. (It isn't always easy, though...)

Same question.
24 days ago BB2010 said…
I think of something from a movie or show I like or a song

Are you going to see Frozen 2 in theaters?
24 days ago pixiewings said…
Maybe! I definitely wanna see it at some point, but idk if I'm eager enough to see it in theaters

Would you rather explore an abandoned castle, an enchanted forest, or a secluded island in the Caribbean?
24 days ago disnerdtobe said…
Enchanted forest!

Same question.
24 days ago MaidofOrleans said…
How about an abandoned castle in an enchanted forest on a secluded island in the Caribbean ;) Of the three though probably an enchanted forest. Magic would be cool.

Same question!
24 days ago deedragongirl said…
An abandoned castle and an enchanted forest!

If Disney were to adapt another Tchaikovsky ballet, what would it be and why?
16 days ago MaidofOrleans said…
Most likely Swan Lake since they have already done the Nutcracker (kinda)

What are you going to be for Halloween?
16 days ago BB2010 said…
Anna from Frozen

same question
7 days ago B00ty_eater said…
I like pastel pink. But I mean that's my life, man, that's my life.
BB2010 commented…
You were pastel kulay-rosas for Halloween? 7 days ago
deedragongirl commented…
Do NOT feed the trolls! 7 days ago