Disney Princess "Best collage" Contest- Round 18: Princesses with their parents

cromulanfav posted on Aug 10, 2010 at 03:33PM
Rules are very simple: you make a collage

*Collage have to have at least 2 pictures and maximum 12, in certain themes I will decide how much pictures have to be in collage

*You have to make your own collage, no stealing, please.

*You can edit each pictures before you put them in the collage

Every five days I will make pick and the winner gets three props.

I will chose the next theme, at least, in the beginning.


Round 1- Snow White and the animals- 4-12 pictures
Round 2- Belle and books - 2-12 pictures
Round 3- Cinderella and the glass slipper- 2-12 pictures
Round 4- Aladdin and Jasmine- 2- how much you want
Round 5- Ariel under the sea - 5-12
Round 6- Tiana and Charlotte - 3-12
Round 7- Pocahontas and Meeko- 2-12
Round 8- Dancing couples - at least 3 pictures
Round 9- Mulan/Ping- at least 3 pictures
Round 10- Princess and her best friend

Best collage in first ten rounds: ppv

Round 11- Symbols
Round 12 - Rapunzel/Tangled
Round 13- Princesses and their princes
Round 14 - Tiana and Naveen
Round 15- Sleeping Beauty
Round 16 - Ariel and Flounder
Round 17- Princesses and their villains
Round 18- Princesses with parent/parents


Round 1 misssy
Round 2 misssy
Round 3 firegirl1515
Round 4 tiffany88
Round 5 ppv
Round 6 misssy
Round 7 cromulanfav
Round 8 misssy
Round 9 misssy
Round 10 tiffany88

Round 11 misssy
Round 12 misssy
Round 13 tiffany88
Round 14 missy
Round 15 ppv
Round 16 missy
Round 17 link
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