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 Walt Disney tagahanga Art - Disney Ladies All together!
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Disney Princesses and Heroines are finally all together
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Disney-princess Sleeping Beauty
Okay, so I've been watching our Disney princess pelikula and I noticed some mistakes. You may or may not have noticed them, and I do not mean any offence to these films. It's just kind of fun to watch. Let's start with Aladdin... Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, as I said, there are few mistakes I've noticed here. Let's start with Jasmine's golden arm band; the mistake here is that it switches places on her right arm, to her left arm. When hasmin has just kissed Jafar, it is on her right arm.

But when Jafar pushes...
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It's not just about the way they look and this is just my opinion. Only the ones without a paglalarawan were mainly chosen based on their looks. This is just a short artikulo I have in store for you guys, enjoy!

Zooey Deschanel as Snow White
I know Zooey's a little old to play Snow White but I pag-ibig this quirky girl. She has fair skin and most people pag-ibig her unique pag-awit voice.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Candice Swanepoel as Aurora

Ariana Grande as Ariel
Ariana has a bubbly personality and her pag-awit voice is very pleasant to the ears. She has Ariel's facial expressions and...
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 really??? ugh...
really??? ugh...
1. Some people in China spell Mulan's name in English as: Fa Muhk Laahn.

2. The Story of Mulan was originally a poem

3. The Hua Mulan crater on Venus is named after her.
 I can kind of see Mulan with longer short hair....
I can kind of see Mulan with longer short hair....

4. In the original story, Mulan fights in war for 12 years, no kidding.
 Humility is my middle name, as bulaklak being last.
Humility is my middle name, as bulaklak being last.

5. The original poem......


6.The different surnames of Mulan are Wei and Zhu other than Fa and Hua.

7. Jamie Chung will be starring as Mulan in "Once Upon A time"
 you see this too right?
you see this too right?

8. The spots on Shang's horse's neck and rump are shaped like Mickey Mouse.
 sa pamamagitan ng "rump" i mean butt, to clear further confusions.
By "rump" i mean butt, to clear further confusions.

9. Mulan is rumored to have been a real person, and her story has been told in China for almost 2000 years.

10. Members of the creative team visited China, where they spent three weeks taking photographs and making sketches.
 I can see the relation to the first scene, can't you????
I can see the relation to the first scene, can't you????
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Other than Disney, my big fandom is Harry Potter. I generally sort people into houses, so I thought it would be fun to play Sorting Hat with the princesses. My sorting isn’t just sa pamamagitan ng traits and house characteristics, but also a lot sa pamamagitan ng personality, so some of them might not make too much sense at first.

Snow White: Hufflepuff
I know, none of you expected it. Snow White in Hufflepuff, this is probably the biggest shocker in an artikulo of mine since I put Ariel’s pag-awit voice at the bottom of my list.
All sarcasm aside, is there really any other house for her? She is one of the most hardworking...
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