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 The Untold Princesses of Secret Kingdom
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The Untold Princesses of Secret Kingdom
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 The Redesigns
The Redesigns
Okay, so a lot of people have been doing these, and I wanted to write a new artikulo before I finished my countdown of the smartest Disney Princesses, so I'm going to be doing this. Anyways, keep in mind this is just my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

11. Mulan

She may be my paborito Disney Princess, but I am definitely not a tagahanga of her design. In my opinion, her face is completely changed, it's made sort of chubby, with madami rosy cheeks. Her hair looks different, and I do like the outfit, but I don't think it bumagay her, I don't think her appearance is unappealing to look at or anything,...
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One of the best things about Disney princess films are their princesses(obviously) and songs. As a singer, music lover, and actor, I've always paid close attention to the voices that bring these wonderful characters and songs to life. I am picky about the voices I like but can admit that no princess has a bad voice, some are just much better than others. Share your opinions.
13. Snow White
Let me begin sa pamamagitan ng saying that I'm ranking both pag-awit and speaking voices and that even though she's at the bottom, I don't hate Snow White's voice. Let's be honest here, most people find her voice to be annoying....
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