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This Disney Princess litrato might contain hapunan dress, hapunan gown, pormal, gabi toga, and toga.

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So, I haven't been around for the past few weeks mainly because of school... but also because I've had been concentrating my Disney and creative efforts on making this video.

I linked the video in well, er the video section but I decided to put the lyrics here just so people could see it all at once... This might not be the place for it but I'm not much of a fanfic prose writer but I do like crossover lyrics.


My apoy shines bright in the black of night
Only embers to be seen
A pyre of desolation
And I fear that I’m its Queen
The blaze is burning like this raging pain inside
I ignited the spark...
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I used to post these on the Disney Prince club but that spot looks dead :( I already did The Disney Princes I would settle down with but I don't really like it now, when I re-read some of my old articles, I sometimes cringe. Personality is madami important than looks but I can't really marry someone I'm not attracted to. I'm going to make this short because it can get offensive. I saw JNTA1234 doing this with the Princesses and I laughed a lot so here we go...

 One song my puso keeps pag-awit for one pag-ibig only for you.
One song my puso keeps pag-awit for one pag-ibig only for you.

The Prince - Kill
I pag-ibig The Prince and I would pag-ibig him to serenade me...
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