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This is my ranking of the princess films. These are my personal opinions. It is okay if you don't agree with my listahan but please no rude comments.

12. Brave

I hate this movie. I haven't seen it in 3 years and I don't want to see it again. I think Disney as dimitri put it, was trying to hard to please radical feminists that hate Disney princesses. Merida is so rude bratty and obnoxious I just want to manuntok her in the face. Moving on.

11. Frozen

Another Disney movie I can't stand. Like with Brave, I think Disney was trying to hard to be progressive. The characters are extremely annoying and the soundtrack...
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Hello everyone, and welcome to this spring's paborito Disney Princess countdown! I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who naisumite their list, and a huger thank you to everyone who naisumite there listahan with comments. But most of all, I want to send a HUGE thank you to the incredible euny who made all of the stunning pictures for this article!
Enjoy the article!

13) Merida
Unfortunately, Merida takes last place in this year’s Disney Princess countdown. While no one truly denied she developed, many found it poorly done. Some people loved her flaws, bravery, how well she developed, and...
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uy everybody! This is my first artikulo in a while, so I figured I better start with the classic list. Hope you guys enjoy it!

13. Rapunzel
previously 11
Ok, let me just get this off my chest right away. I find Rapunzel somewhat annoying. *dodges flying piano* I apologize to her legions of fans but that is my opinion. Despite this, don’t think that I dislike her. I actually find her really relatable, and I greatly admire her bravery in chasing her dreams. I guess what keeps her so low on my listahan is that I find her sickeningly sweet. It gets to the point where I just don’t enjoy watching her...
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Click link to read my opinion on the classic era princesses and movies
Click link to read my opinion on the renaissance era princesses and movies

Here's the 3rd and final artikulo of my opinion on the princesses and pelikula and this artikulo covers the modern era which consists of 4 pelikula and 5 princesses

Let's start with the movies:

The Princess and The Frog:

This is my 6th paborito DP Movie and I really pag-ibig this movie, the animation is breathtaking, the songs are pangkalahatang good, the score is okay, the characters are good and the story is great. My paborito character in The Princess and The...
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Source: The Little Mermaid: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
 This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
This girl is beautiful, kind, intelligent and is able to see the true beauty within
Bonjour! OK, I know some of you have been waiting for this one, so I'll do my best to make it alright.
Beforehand I spoke about the four before them - Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel. Even though I'm not very fond of Cinderella, Pagsulat about her and defending her made me appreciate her more. All of the princesses have wonderful qualities, it's just a shame that people seem to remember the bad ones instead. Or make up bad ones.

Belle -

Belle is my favourite. (I pag-ibig Elsa too though). She's intelligent, beautiful and completely flawless in my opinion. So I had a bit of a problem with...
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Dedicated to Cutediana, enjoy!
Cinderella´s original 1950 trailer
This is not my video!
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Here's my twin/friend Traci Hines she's very talented. She's not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside here's her YouTube link I also have that link on my page here!! link
i won't say i'm in pag-ibig
traci hines
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