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 Eleven stunning ladies
Eleven stunning ladies
For my first artikulo I am going to do a prettiest Disney Princess face list. Why just faces? Because I like to vary from the norm. I might do body or hair lists another time. Anyway, shall we get down to business?

11. Snow White
All the princesses' faces have something pretty about them, but Snow White's face is just a little generic for my tastes. I mean, she has lovely brown eyes and rosy cheeks, but that doesn't save her from last place.
Pleasant features: Sweet eyes, ruby lips
Unpleasant features: Slightly chubby face, too generic

 Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?
Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?...
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In this artikulo we wrote about Megara's opinion on the princesses with her personality at the END of the movie.
This artikulo was written collectively by: princesslullaby, diluka96, DreamyGal, cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Doggy

Megara would think Aurora is the typical air-headed pag-ibig obsessed blonde girl that she's trying to avoid. I t would bother her that Aurora is so sensitive, that she just started crying when mga engkanto told her she has to marry prince. Aurora might remind Megara of the girl who estola her boyfriend away.

9.Snow White
Megara would find Snow White too perky-positive,...
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posted by princesslullaby
This artikulo was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Ppgbelle4, and Princesslullaby

Snow White would find hasmin rude, temperamental, and generally unkind. hasmin doesn't articulate in a calm, patient manner, and Snow White would find this kind of shocking. The only time Snow White would like hasmin is when she is saying she wants to marry for pag-ibig and lets the birds go, but otherwise find her too stubborn and headstrong.

Snow White wouldn't like that Mulan isn't very feminine, would find her actions very scary instead of brave, and just plain would...
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I have been here for a few months, and I noticed that I did not post my opinion of the weakest to strongest DP Film. Since it would not be fair to put all of these films together (as they were made in different times), I will do it in eras. The Renaissance Era is the era when the company was as successful and popular as they were in the Classic Era. This was also before the decline of traditional animation and before the treacherous Post-Renaissance Era, so I will be doing The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

Here is Part 1 of this series: My Opinion on the...
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posted by MacytheStrange
 A review of the latest Disney film...
A review of the latest Disney film...
WARNING: if you haven't seen nagyelo and don't want to be spoiled you should probably wait until you see the movie to read the review. And this is all just my opinion, I'm not trying to force my opinions on anyone.

I will be rating this movie with an pangkalahatang scoring system of /10 points, there will be five aspects of nagyelo I will be looking at, and each will be rated a score from 1 to 20. I will be looking at the marketing, the plot, the characters, the character's relationships and the soundtrack. So, with all that said, I hope you enjoy my bad Pagsulat and terrible sense of humour!

1. The Advertising,...
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