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This Disney Princess litrato contains fountain.

So I did this awhile back for Esmeralda and Megara (and even further back for Merida). So I thought I'd do it for the other two main unofficial princesses. Funny thing is, Kida, despite being a princess, probably has madami reasons not to be included than any other heroine. But I digress, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding Jane Porter and Kidagakash to the line-up.
 Princess of the Apes
Princess of the Apes

Reasons Why
-Kida actually is a princess.
-One could say Jane is the princess of the jungle.
-Tarzan was a relatively successful movie, that produced a successful franchise.
-Kida is somewhat...
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Here are the results of the Disney Line-up versions. I'm sorry about the delay...

The choices for link were between her blue outfit and her purple outfit. The blue outfit rained victorious.

It's madami royal looking, the other one is madami casual wear - firegirl1515

Well, I actually prefer hasmin wearing the blue one but in the line-up, I think she should wear purple because Aurora and Sinderella already have blue dresses - TigerRanma

The purple outfit is my paborito disney princess outfit - princesslullaby

I like both - pretty_angel92

There were three choices for link...
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While I was doing the youngest/oldest princess list, I was doing the sane fo rthe princes. I knew this listahan was going to be harder because most, if not all of the prince's ages were not mentioned in the film. But the producers who worked on the films, and Disney has confirmed some of their ages, which made this listahan easier. Some of the placings are not suprising at all, and others are.

All you have to do is look at him, and then look at the rest of the princes, and you will automatically tell that he is the youngest. He has this youthful appearance to him, and he is treated like a teenager...
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