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New image I found without Pocahontas but I added Pocahontas to make it complete
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We all know that not even the Disney Princesses can be perfect so here's my artikulo listing up some of the flaws that each princess has in my opinion. Okay I'm going to probably get a lot of hate for this, but like Miley Cyrus sang in Hannah Montana "Nobody's Perfect".

Snow White:

Even though I'm a big tagahanga of her she has flaws, but they aren't big ones at all and the first one that I have listed I can understand that one. Okay the first flaw about her is that she accepted the mansanas from the old hag when she wasn't supposed to, but I can understand why she did it, the hag tricked her into...
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This movie is my paborito disney movie. It will always have a special place in my heart. I don't think disney can come up a better movie. Everytime I watch it, it does something to me that no other disney movie does. I don't know how to explain it. It makes me feel all happy inside when it's over. The part when Snow White dies and all the dwarfs and forrest mga hayop gather at Snow Whites coffin and cry makes me cry everytime. Another reason, it's so special to me is because it's disneys original movie. I absolutely adore all the charecters in the movie. It has my paborito princess (Snow White),...
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a montage I made of David Kawena's artwork
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 The Hero
The Hero
Alright it's Mulan's turn. She's my paborito princess so this should be fun.

Let's start off sa pamamagitan ng addressing Mulan's inclusion into the lineup. She's the only princess who's not royalty in anyway, she does not marry prince nor is she born into royalty. Some people are glad to see Mulan included. Others have a real problem with it. Now to all you nitpicky bastards out there, here are the reasons why Mulan was added. 1.She fits criteria (singing, animal friends). 2.Her movie was moderately successful. 3.She's closest thing Disney's got to an Asian princess. 4.She's a great role model for young...
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