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 Sinderella wasn't "passive", she was abused
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 Sorry that bravo wasn't in there...
Sorry that Brave wasn't in there...
Hi people! So, like the pamagat says, this is my listahan of the DP movies. Please remember that this is my opinion, so it is okay to not agree and have different opinions since everyone has different opinions. But please don't be rude about my list. Well, I've wanted to write this for a while but it took me a long time to figure out my entire list. Enjoy! :)

#11: Sleeping Beauty
I didn't want this to end up here, since I really do like Aurora. But the main reason this was all the way down here was because I only enjoyed the parts with Aurora in it. And that is like, 18 minutes. During the rest of...
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 Eleven stunning ladies
Eleven stunning ladies
For my first artikulo I am going to do a prettiest Disney Princess face list. Why just faces? Because I like to vary from the norm. I might do body or hair lists another time. Anyway, shall we get down to business?

11. Snow White
All the princesses' faces have something pretty about them, but Snow White's face is just a little generic for my tastes. I mean, she has lovely brown eyes and rosy cheeks, but that doesn't save her from last place.
Pleasant features: Sweet eyes, ruby lips
Unpleasant features: Slightly chubby face, too generic

 Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?
Hey, Magic Mirror! Ever heard of, I don't know, Pocahontas?...
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I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I've become quite tired of everyone bashing the earlier princesses and saying they're bad role mga model for girls. Personally, I think parents shouldn't be relying on fictional, animated characters to be the role models... but that's a whole different issue altogether. In this artikulo I want to address the common complaints towards the princesses: waiting around for/needing a man, not being independent, etc...

Snow White:

I want to start with a reminder that Snow White is only 14-years-old. Face it, her story is no different than any other 14-year-old...
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I pag-ibig kisses, both the tsokolate kind and the lip to lip kind. But I’m not here to ranking sa pamamagitan ng tsokolate kind. I spoil some films in this, (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen,) and I ranked a halik (Or two or three) from almost all the films (Mulan didn’t have one that I ranked).

16: Belle and Adam’s the Curse is Broken Kiss
I found this halik way to passion for me, I mean it looks like he’s about to eat her face off!!! Not my idea as a first kiss. Also the fireworks wreak it for me. But Belle looks beautiful with her hair loss and it’s magical, just please lose the fireworks.

15: Cinderella’s...
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